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The 10 Best Watering Cans in 2020

The 10 Best Watering Cans in 2020

Watering cans are essential tools for every gardener with an indoor or outdoor garden; they are invaluable resources to have in your store. But gardeners should look for perfect watering cans depending on plant and garden size and general usability. Here are some of the best watering cans in the current market.

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The 10 Best Watering Can In The Market

Best Watering Can Review And Guide

1. Novelty 30605 Indoor Watering Can, 1/2 Gallon, Red

The substantial watering can from Novelty is perfect for beginners, and it comes in many different colors, including red, green, and pearl. The Can was first manufactured in the USA, with a capacity of one half of a gallon. It is suitable for people who take care of indoor houseplants, providing sufficient watering to keep your plants healthy throughout. The design of this Novelty can is simple that is suited for watering plants only. Besides, the watering can boast a nicely-designed long-stem spout that makes it simple for a gardener to water all plants, even the garden spots, which are not easily accessible. For those who have their plants high up in containers or small planters, this ½-gallon can is appropriate to reach the plants with easy, thanks to its long spout. 

Most gardeners like the custom handle of this watering container. The Novelty 30605 watering can have an easy-to-use or comfortable grip both for holding when watering and hanging it in a store. The curved handle also makes it comfortable to pour water quickly without causing injuries on your hand. Notably, the container is made of durable plastic material that can withstand physical impact without breaking; thus, you will use it for a long time. The UV-resistant plastic stays for a long time without fading even if a gardener forgets it in the sun. This watering can is available in many stores, including Amazon, with a price range of 15-18 dollars. The Can is a perfect gift for any gardening enthusiast.

2. Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can

Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can

Gardening is all about having fun with the resources around, and you cannot enjoy by purchasing a dull or featureless watering can. If you want something that brings a beam to family members during gardening, especially watering, the elephant watering can is ideal for you. The small elephant-shaped container has a hole at the top (elephant’s head) where you can fill in water. Interestingly, water comes out of the watering can through the elephant’s trunk end. Yes! You could have guessed that. The container can hold up to ½ a gallon of water, which is more suitable for small gardens inside the house. The plastic used to make this animal-looking container is weather-resistant, and you should not worry if you leave it in the outdoor garden; it is durable.

As I have pointed out, this watering can is a fun tool. If you give this container to children, it is ideal for captivating their interest and allowing them to engage in gardening. Also, the watering can is a perfect gift, especially for adult gardeners who love animals. The adorable elephant can usually come grey color, but many options with different shades are available, especially the pink one for kids.

Over a long time, the watering can fade and loses its appeal, especially on the downside. Although it looked attractive when you purchased it, the Can will look dull after two or three years of usage. However, it is an ideal container to make young kids love gardening, and at an affordable price of about 9 dollars on Amazon. Please do not fill the Can over the brim to avoid water spilling out of the trunk spout anyhow. The tool is a perfect pick for all gardeners who love working on their gardens with humor.

3. Bloem AW21-26 Watering Can Aqua Rite 1/2 Gal. (56 oz), Bermuda Teal Green.

The rigorous Bloem Aqua Rite Watering Can is a tool every gardener should consider. It is made of high-quality material, the shatterproof plastic, which is durable and can last for many years; the UV-resistant plastic resin can also withstand moderate physical impact without cracking. Also, the material used in designing the container is light, thus easy to carry.

The handle is designed to offer comfortability during watering; it’s easy to use and ideal for hanging the Can in a store. If you want a watering can with a strong and comfortable handle, you need to look for it. Its handle has a reinforcement attached to the body towards the middle, which provides a grip for handling the garden’s container and efficient watering. Also, this watering container’s versatility is vivid on its long spout, which has small openings for controlling water flowing on plants. The strong handle and long spout allow gardeners to reach inaccessible places of the garden.

The Bloem Aqua Rite can come in different colors like the deep sea, honeydew, calypso, Bermuda teal green, etc. with flower crafted on its sides. Therefore, you can choose what color is adorable to you.

Bloem Aqua Rite watering can is a perfect piece for indoor gardening. The Can is designed with a flat base for balance, and it can hold up to a gallon, though it is advisable to fill it half for easy watering. The wider refilling opening is nicely placed at the top, and there is no chance water will spill out when placed on the surface or while watering.

Bloem Aqua Rite can is affordable and straightforward use. You can get the equipment on amazon for about 6 dollars, exclusive of the delivery fee.

4. Cado 63065 2Gal Watering Can, Hunter Green.

If you are looking for a complete, comfortable, ordinary watering can, then the Cado 63065 is a good option. It is made from sturdy plastic material, which makes the container withstand physical impacts without breaking. The plastic material is UV-resistant and will not fade even if you leave the watering can in the sun. Cado 63065 comes in four different shades, but the most common color is hunter green. It can hold up to 2 gallons of water.

Moreover, the watering can have double handles, at the top and another at the back, making handling the container easier with two hands when pouring water on plants. Also, Cado 63065 watering can have an average-sized spout with a spray head to control water jets. Thus, delicate plants will not get damaged.

The Cado Watering Can is ideal for outdoor gardening and is very affordable. You can acquire the container on Amazon for 16.81 dollars.

5. Indoor Watering Can, 1 Gallon, Sky Blue

For those looking for a durable and straightforward watering can for houseplants, the Indoor Watering Can from Novelty is an ideal option. The Can is structured explicitly for watering indoor plants or flowers. The unique plastic material used to make the Can is lightweight, making the container easy to carry around while filled with water. It has a comfortable grip and a minimalistic design that make watering plants a walkover.

Although the Indoor Watering Can has a small-sized body, it has a well-extended spout. The long-stem tap is essential to control water flow, which reduces water spillage, thus efficient watering. You can hold the watering can using one hand and accurately pour water on your plants without overwatering. Also, the long spout helps to reach and water places between plants with ease. It’s such mesmerizing to have this tool around.

Another added advantage of this container is the ergonomically-designed handle. The handle is strong and provides a comfortable grip during watering. The handle is almost flat at the top of the watering can avoid spillage if you lift it from the ground. A flat base also allows the watering can to sit comfortably on the surface when filled with water.

Moreover, the watering can is made from UV-resistant plastic which is also weather-resistant. Hence, the container is durable and usable for many years. A robust plastic fabric makes the watering can to withstand the physical impact on its body without cracking or breaking.

 When comparing this Can with other options in the market, you will find affordable, with an average price. With all the advantages listed above, you can go for this watering can without hesitation. It is available for 11.97 dollars on amazon.

6. Behrens 210 2 ½ -Gallon Steel Watering Can, Silver

This watering can is probably one of the perfect additions to your store. Unlike other many plastic watering cans, the Behrens Watering Can is made of steel. However, it is one of the containers with higher capacity; it holds up to 2.5 gallons of water. Thus, you do not have to refill it many times like other low-capacity cans; if your garden is big enough, you only need a few refilling trips to get your job done effectively.

Moreover, the watering Can is substantial since it is made from steel, which enhances its durability. The steel material is weather-resistant and cannot get rust or break easily; thus, you will use the watering for longer. The steel-designed body is sometimes coated with silver, which gives the watering Can an original, vintage appearance. The more robust steel makes the container withstand any form of physical impact, making it an extraordinary watering Can for many gardeners. The flat base is vital to keep the watering can undisturbed or comfortable on the surface when full of water.

Furthermore, although the Can is made of strong steel and has a capacity of 2.5 gallons, it only ways up to 2.2 kilograms.  The lightweight makes the container simple to carry and move from one pint to another in the garden. Also, the Behrens Watering Can have two handles, one halfway-up at the back and another at the top, making handling the container easy to carry when gardening.

The watering can is less expensive as compared to others in the market. Considering the Can’s overall usability and durability, you can stay for a long time without purchasing a new watering accessory. You can buy the watering can on amazon from 42 dollars.

7. Novelty MFG 30301 Watering Can, 2-Gallon, Green

If you are purchasing a conventional, easy-to-use watering Can keep matters simple, is that ok? Anyone agreeing with the statement should look at this container; the Novelty Watering Can is such an appealing item for you. It is made of plastic material, designed to hold 2 gallons of water. Probably that is enough for watering your small garden. The watering can come in an attractive shade of green, with a flower crafted on the side, which adds an aesthetic touch in your gardening. It is ideal for watering plants or small outdoor gardens.

The handle is strong, partitioned by at the center with an attachment on the body, making it more reinforced. You can use two hands to hold on the handle, one at the top and another at the back section for adequate and accurate watering. The refill opening is at the top to avoid water spillage and easy filling. This watering can have a medium-sized spout with a spray head, which prevents water from pouring out in high-pressure jets, which might damage delicate flower and plants’ parts.

The container is designed with a robust and durable plastic, UV-resistant, and can last many years without fading. You can purchase the Novelty Watering Can on Amazon for 22.49 dollars, exclusive of the shipping fee. This watering can is recommended for all sizes of plants in a garden.

8. WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can, 40oz 1.4L 1/3 Gallon

This watering container has a diminished design. The fluent line on its body, combined with the appropriate color, gives an aesthetic value to gardeners. Although the Can is colored, you can see the level of water since the material is semi-transparent. It is made from a strong polystyrene resin material, which is weather-resistant, making it durable. Gardeners can use the watering can for many years. Since the pot is transparent, you can control water flow to plants to avoid damaging plants.

A strong handle provides a comfortable grip that helps in accurate and efficient watering. The refill opening is placed at the top to minimize water spillage. Also, the container has a moderately long spout for efficient watering. The watering base can is flat; thus, it comfortably sits on the floor when full of water.

Besides, the WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can has a high holding capacity of 1.4 liters; therefore, you will not make many trips to refill the container. Remember, it is suitable for outdoor gardening.

This watering can is available on Amazon for 9 dollars, exclusive of the delivery fee.

9. Mkono 2 Pack

These bottles are a unique watering system. Unlike other standard watering cans, the Mkono Water Bottle watering cans do not have a projected handle. The Mkono 2-Pack Cans come in pairs, two bottles of 8.5 and 17 ounces. The watering cans are transparent, which allows you to see the water level and refill when it’s almost empty. The bottles are made of simple plastic material compressible, making you control the water jets’ pressure. The bottle’s small sizes are ideal for kids to water plants with ease.

These watering bottles also have a unique bent nose, which acts as the spout to water plants more efficiently. The bent nose also produces water in low pressure depending on how you press the bottle, which is safe for delicate plant’s parts. Its small size allows you to direct water more accurately to plants’ base; therefore, you should not worry about damaging plants.

The plastic fabric used to make these bottles is of high quality, which gives the containers high durability. The measurement marks on each bottle’s sides allow you to keep track of the amount of water used in watering.

The Mkono 2 Pack bottles are cheaper compared to other watering cans. These bottles are great presents for aspiring gardeners with few indoor plants.

10. Homarden Copper Coloured Watering Can

Hit a copper-made container, do you like the sound? If yes, then the stainless-steel Homarden Watering Can is the right item for you.  The watering can have a funky, retro design and is strong enough to last almost forever. A copper color painted over the stainless steel gives the can a vintage look when watering your plants. The stainless-steel, coated with copper, will neither weather, break, nor get rust.

The watering can have a long spout, making your work more comfortable; you can gently deliver controllable water jets and precisely the plants. The handle is stern and big enough to allow a gardener to make a grip were efficient for sufficient watering. The container has an opening strategically placed to enable easy refilling and prevent water from spilling out. The Homarden Watering Can hold 0.3 gallons or 1.3 liters of water, making it perfect for kids to work with due to its relative lightweight. However. The watering can is ideal for indoor flowers and plants, but you can fill it for soaking your few flowers outside.

The watering can also be available on Amazon for 27.98 dollars, which is more than many cans. Although the cost is high, the value for your money is guaranteed in this item; it looks more attractive than many plastic watering cans.


Watering Cans are the right equipment to have in a gardening store. However, different types of watering cans are suitable for various gardens. While choosing a watering can for your garden, check for material durability, the container’s capacity, and usability.

The 10 Best Watering Can In The Market

The 10 Best Watering Can In The Market

The 10 Best Watering Can In The Market

The 10 Best Watering Can In The Market

The 10 Best Watering Can In The Market