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Six Best Window Box Ideas In 2020

Six Best Window Box Ideas In 2020

If you are looking to highlight and add texture at your outdoor décor, window boxes are the best options for that purpose. With beautiful/blooming flowers or succulents, window boxes offer the desired naturality of your home. You would want to make your home more inviting and bring joy to your neighborhood; having beauty sprouting outside the windows can offer you all that. The window boxes are simple and require ubiquitous tools to construct. Making your boxes allows you to customize them depending on your window size and styles. After you make desirable boxes for your windows, you have to decide how to fill them; there are many options for the same. From colorful flowers, creeping plants, lush succulents, and many more, it’s up to you, depending on your requirements. Below are some ideas for your window boxes:

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Lattice Box Design

Most people make window boxes using timber for the full design or finishing. Now, how do you add texture or attractiveness to your plain-wood box? The best plan of a window box will make your windows or outdoor décor unique and attractive. The lattice box design offers a character by adding reticulations on the sides of a window box. Naturally made of rot-resistant cedar, the lattice window box is more durable than many ordinary window boxes. The box is appropriate with almost all types of flowers and other plants that can fit in box planters.

Farmhouse-Style Design

The farmhouse window boxes offer a luscious finish that mimic recovered wood, giving an extraordinary attractive view to your windows. You can use an old wooden door and bords to make a repurposed window box that is perfect to offer an appealing farmhouse-look to your house from the front or background of your home. Usually, it is not advisable to paint the farmhouse window boxes. However, you can still add grey or white paint then scratch the walls with sandpaper to achieve a rustic appearance. A plank pine planter with a rustic look can provide an aesthetic farmhouse flair to your house. You can also hot-glue small dark twigs the sides, outside of a plastic or wooden box, to give a unique and rustic look.  Designing a farmhouse box is very simple and requires standard tools.

Wood Pallet Design

The perfect design for a DIY window box for your home is the wooden pallet. The window box is designed with allowance for proper drainage. The wood pallet design consists of two-boards high each 32-inch-wide around, and drainage gaps between them. Before filling the box with soil, you need to fix a black screen mesh on the interior walls to prevent the ground from pouring out. Once the window box is full of black soil, the mesh will visually disappear. If you fill it with red and white flowers or trailing vines, the wooden pallet box will give life to your surroundings.

Cedar Fence Design

Made from a single fence panel, the diminutive and adorable box planter brings a minimalistic design and appearance to your house. An inventive box designer can use a single weather-resistant cedar board to construct the window planter. The cedar board makes the whole structure of the box durable and robust to hold pants. The interior walls are lined with 24-inch plastic material. You can also add some stylish or artistic touches by trimming on the upper edges of the box. Green vines and blooming annual or perennial lowers are suitable for this box.

Dog-Eared Cedar Fence Style

Fence tops fixed on your window box can make it more attractive. The dog-eared box has fence tops with trimmed/lopped corners. You can cut off the fence tops from cedar boards, each piece measuring 5.6 inches by 5.5 inches. Your dog-eared window box can measure about 60-inch long, then fix the fence tops on the outer walls to give the planter a charming, hospitable look. With beautiful pink and purple flowers, mixed with the green leaves of the flowering plants, the dog-eared box will highlight your window(s) and the entire home.

Fancy Trimmed Window Box

The appropriate way to decorate your planter box is by adding good trims. You can construct the Fancy-trimmed window box using inexpensive white wood and cut boards in pieces measuring 8 inches by 8 feet. On the edges of each side, add a strip of a finger-joint cap to give the box a gorgeous, fancy touch. The fancy trimmed box filled with shades of red, pink, and white flowers can make your home beautiful, natural, and engaging.

In conclusion, having plants and flowers sprouting outside your window can be the first thing to make your house attractive. Window boxes are simple to make because they require simple materials that are common in most house stores. Choose the best window box, depending on your requirements and the flowers to grow. The options are above not exhaustive, but it can help you find the best container for your décor.