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Five Commonly Used Self-Watering Planters

Five Commonly Used Self-Watering Planters

Growing plants in your house usually do not require much care, and it is great to have plants around you for many reasons. Nevertheless, the main challenge comes when you want to away for some days. Plants need consistent water supply to remain healthy; that should not be a problem when you go for a trip. The solution is straightforward: self-watering planters can help you consistently provide plants with moisture for an extended period without doing it yourself. There is no need to fill a watering can and water your plants frequently; self-watering planters will ensure your plants remain healthy. The design differs across different systems, but the logic remains the same. A standard self-watering planter has two components; a bottom water reservoir and an exterior pot at the top which holds the plant and soil. The bottom reservoir draws up water to the plant’s roots through the mud. From fancy to DIY planters, either decorative or utilitarian (for vegetables), here are some options you can make for your plants:

10 Best Self-Watering Planter In The Market

Best Self Watering Planter Review And Guide

Window Garden Aquaphoric

A practical planter allows your plants to flourish and remain healthy, even if you have limited time checking on them. For the beginners who wish to have plants in their home, the Aquaphoric planter can be a good starting point. The Window Garden Aquaphoric self-watering planter comes in many different colors and contains fertile soil; therefore, you only need to get the plant. It has an indicator visible from its walls and allows you to monitor the level of water remaining. The planter comes with a checklist of instructions so that beginners can easily manage their plants. According to reviews, the design is simple to set up and operate and requires minimal space.

Mkono self-Watering Planter

The Mkono planter comes in a set of three pots that provide a sense of modernity. These planters are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage. Setting up Mkono self-watering planters is easy because they are made from durable plastic. The pots come with a cotton rope, which will help draw water from the exterior pot to provide hydration to the plant in the interior pot. According to the manufacture, the Mkono planter can provide consistent watering for at least ten days once it is filled. Many people love using these Mkono pots for planting African violets.

GardenBasix Self-Watering Planter

If you think of having a window box planter, GardenBasix is the best option for indoor and outdoor purposes. A window box decorated with beautiful flowering plants can offer solace to people. The GardenBasix box holds adequate water to make you water plants on an occasional basis rather than daily or weekly. Powerfully designed with a modern look, the planter can meet its purpose effectively. It also comes with an indicator to help you monitor the water level and add when the level is down. Water can be added through a well-designed injection port. Coconut coir disks, which comes with the box, draws water from the reservoir, and releases it to the plants. The planter box is available for 57 dollars in Amazon.


This brand is the most common self-watering planter for many people in the market. Farmers in the early ’90s developed the form of boxes used in this planter. They are mainly used to grow vegetables and provide many benefits for gardeners. You can set up EarthBox planters in various places where they have been seen, commonly like school gardens, rooftops, and on the balcony. Made of recycled plastic, you can purchase the EarthBox container or choose to make one for yourself. Creating and using planter is simple. In some cases, the box may contain fertilizer that provides nutrients to the plants. The consistent provision of moisture and nutrients to the plants results in higher production.

Click and Grow Smart Garden Planter

Most planters are used for planting already growing plants, but the Clock and Grow planter can grow plants from seeds. It is a high technology self-watering planter with both a reservoir and high-output LED lights that aid germination and growth of the seeds. The Smart Garden has over fifty pods and can be used to grow plants like thyme and kale. The high-tech planter is suitable for seedlings and small plants; large plants may outgrow the pods. According to reviews in amazon, it is easy to set up and use.

In conclusion, self-watering planters are suitable for gardeners who may have limited time to attend their plants daily. They are convenient and saves much time by providing consistent hydration to plants. Another advantage is that they are more water-efficient than other watering methods.