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7 Interesting Characteristics of a Kraft Seeds Trowel

7 Interesting Characteristics of a Kraft Seeds Trowel

Perhaps, you are one of those who do not like purchasing trowels for their gardening workWhile you may have your own reasons for that, Kraft Seeds Trowel is a tool every gardener must haveIt was manufactured by Kraft Seeds company, which dealt with the provision of seeds and flower seedlings in India. The trowel was officially available for purchase in late 2015. This is a tool has exceptional uses in gardening with multiple benefits to users. It is used for digging holes and breaking the surface during planting. Kraft Seeds Trowel is among the best home gardening trowels in 2020. Here are some interesting features of this useful tool: 

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1. Affordable and Durable

The most important factors to consider when purchasing gardening tools are cost and durability. When choosing Kraft Seeds Trowel, you need to look at the prices and what you can affordYou can get a Kraft Seeds Trowel for about $10. Spending a decent amount in the region of 25-50 dollars can give you a gardening trowel that will last for decades. The durability of Kraft Seeds trowel cannot be doubted. The aluminium coat and rubber or plastic cover ensures it does not rust and stays longer without breaking or wearing out. 

2. Multiple Uses

One of the factors making Kraft Seeds Trowel outstanding is its multiple uses. We all know there are many activities when gardening. This tool presents options that coincide with their work. Apart from loosening soil and digging holes during planting, Kraft Seeds Trowel is used to carry mud and other planting inputs in small quantities depending on the size of the trowel head. You can use the trowel to move seedlings from ports into holes with their roots compact during transplanting. 

Also, you can use the tool in blending fertilizer or manure and other mixable materials for planting. Gardeners also get a lot of mud and dirt on their shoes, and the trowel head is used to clear off the dirt from boots. This is an exceptional tool to have in your gardening store. 

3. Uniquely bent sides and pointed head

The bent sides are another crucial aspect that makes the tool outstanding. Since the trowel head is bent, gardeners can easily hold quantities of soil for planting. The bending trowel head is also useful in making appropriate round-shaped holes in suitable sizes depending on the seedling size. Also, Kraft Seeds Trowel has a pointed end that gardeners use to pull out weeds by their foundation without disturbing other necessary seedlings or flowers around. The pointed or fork-shaped trowel can remove pests or insects that may destroy seedlings in nursery. The sharp-pointed end also initiates scooping of materials. Therefore, using the trowel does not require using a lot of energy. 

4. Strong and hardened steel metal

The work within home gardens is hard. Different tasks require use of energy and force. Kraft Seeds Trowel is made of hardened steel metal that withstands the force and energy applied by garden workersThis is the most hard-core gardening trowel equipment in the market. The hardened steel material makes it suitable for digging through rough surfaces. Also, the hard metal used in making the trowel is coated with aluminium, making it rustproof.

5. Large Trowel head

The average size of a trowel is about 12 inches tall, and over half of that is the trowel head. With a larger head, you can concisely move substantial soil volume. The massive head provides an enhanced surface area for the effective mixing of manure and soils. The large shovel-like head will comfortably support materials on the bowl surface for transporting. With its smooth surface, you can easily scoop soil using the large trowel head. 

6. A decent handle

Kraft Seeds Trowel’s hands are usually made in a manner that offers comfortable grip. In most cases, they make plastic covered handles to ensure gardeners comfortably work with it. The handle is usually round so that as you work with the trowel for an extended period, you do not get bruises or hurt your hands. Based on engineering standards, the handle offers a rubbing grip, which reduces handling pressure on your wrist.

Kraft Seeds company’s goal is to provide the best products that encourage safe ways of life and comfortable home gardening.  This is why the trowel handle offers comfortability and safety. The trowel is always metallic, and so is the handle. The cover used on the handle’s metallic part should provide finger grooves to ensure a firm grip of the tool. 

7. Sharp and thin edges

The trowel has sharp edges that help in initiating slicing through roots of seedlings or weeds. Also, the sharp edges are strong enough to ease cutting activities in the garden. As you drive the trowel into the ground to make holesthe edges’ sharpness aids in opening up the earth by cutting through cuttable materials in the soil. Thin edges are useful in removing weeds from small slots. 

In conclusion, Kraft Seeds Trowel is an excellent tool for home gardeners due to its flexible uses. Both beginner and experienced gardeners can use the device comfortably on different purposes, primarily to loosen soil and make holes for planting. The durable and high-quality Kraft Seeds Trowel gardening tool can be a perfect gift addon for someone who loves gardening.