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10 Best Shovels To Buy In 2020 (Review and Guide)

10 Best Shovels To Buy In 2020 (Review and Guide)

A shovel is a tool for scooping, digging, removing, or throwing loose matter and cutting tuft. The shape varies from rounded, square with sharp or blunt ends. For different purposes, a specific type of shovel is chosen. This tool is not only used in gardening but also a million other uses. For instance, when a car is stuck, a shovel is used to clear the mud on the tires and axels. A shovel is used to dig an outdoor toilet, Dakota Fire Hole, garden holes, search and rescue a person stuck in mud or ice at home. The tool is used for gardening to dig and move loose granular material like gravel, grain, manure from area to another.

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What to consider when selecting a shovel.

Well, when choosing the right shovels, ergonomic considerations are crucial.   These features include; handle type, blade sharpness, size and shape, the weight of the shovel. The muscular effort required in shoveling depends on the shovel’s weight, the load it carries, and how far the hands are placed. A longer shovel, up to chest size, reduces the amount of bending required, easing the back muscle strain. Specifically, the snow shovel shaft comes with a second handle, which reduces the amount of back-bending. Determining which motion you need to perform helps in choosing the best type of shovel. Fiberglass shafts are considered strong and light compared to the traditional wooden shaft. During summer, a non-slip handle is suitable to lower the force needed to hold the tool due to sweat. The stability and density of the material being shoveled determine the selection of the blade size and shape. A triangular or round blade with a long shaft is used for scooping sand or digging dry earth. Smaller blades reduce the weight of material when lifting.  When shoveling, consider wearing protective clothing like (gloves, footwear, and long pants).

10 Best Shovels In The Market

Best Shovels Reviews

1. SOG Folding Shovel Survival Shovel

SOG foldable military shovel weighs 24.5 ounces with a length of 18.25 inches. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry, and use minimal muscle force when performing tasks. It is barely more significant than a hand when folded. Coupled with collapsible technology, it works as a small shovel for bigger jobs. The wooden and rotating saw edge is used to pick granular materials and digging tasks.  The triangle handle is strong and fits the hand well without much struggle.

The tool comes with a high carbon steel construction and carries a case carried on your pack or belt. When folded, the size reduces to that of a shovelhead. Well, it has a rugged build that ensures it is portable and rigid as possible. Amazingly, the tool comes with a sheath made from ballistic nylon. The uniquely designed lightweight technology and high carbon steel ensure years of heavy use in extreme conditions. The tool is also crafted with black powder- coated high carbon steel that increases versatility and resilience. It is suitable for handling tough jobs without running the risk of damage. The multiuse spade head is adjusted to cut roots, branches, and clear bushes. For camping purposes, consider tagging along with this tremendous tactical shovels.

2. Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01

Snow Joe shovel is made from impact resistible blade that withstands scratches, breakages, and deformation from damages that may result from heavy impact shovelling work. This shovels has a built-in spring-assist handle that functions as a pivot or fulcrum, which aids in adjusting the technical and tactical mechanics of shovelling. This, in turn, reduces the strain applied when using it hence reducing the amount of effort needed to perform work. The spring-assist functionality also provides lifting leverage to the lower hand, enabling ease of lifting heavier loads with minimal effort.

The overall build design allows a comfortable handling posture during use, minimizing the need to bend and backaches and muscle strains. One can, therefore, lift more and throw farther. Just like its name, this steel shovel is the best fit for cleaning and clearing snow-filled pathways with ease. It is rust-proof coated; thus, there is no worry about the blade oxidizing and rusting under snow and wet conditions. One pass can clear huge volumes of snow thanks to the wide 18-inch aluminium-coated wear strip. This boosts the overall lifetime performance of the shovel. It comes with a two-year product warranty

3. Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel, (Red)

A root slayer is a multipurpose tool used to cut and dig out roots. The v-shaped blade tip makes it easy to dig deep into the soil and rip off roots with ease. The blade has sharp serrated edges that increase the ease of digging and cutting hence reducing the stress on the hands and wrists. This shovel comes with a durable powder-coated carbon steel tip that makes it a hardened tool to dig hard and compact soils and chop off hard plant roots. Compared to other slayers, this root slayer is much stronger and requires less hand stress.

It has a sturdy blade made of thermoplastic elastomer over-molded onto polypropylene. Its multipurpose abilities make it best to dig for planting trenches that can be difficult when working with heavily compacted soils. To boost more penetration into the soil, this Radius root slayer has a wide foot placement spot that gives a boost when stamping the shovel into the soil using the foot. The wide spot also prevents the razor from cutting the shoe under the sole hence enabling precision when digging.

4. Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

In need of a durable and versatile shovel? Well, Bond LH015 fits is an excellent choice. It is made of a tempered heat-treated steelhead and handles that give extra strength, versatility, and durability. The shovel head is powder coated hence rust-resistant. The fiberglass handle provides a strong and comfortable non-slip grip hence increasing performance use. As if not enough, the handle is just the perfect size with zero wobbles.

It has sharpened blade edges that increase the depth of digging on hard and compacted soils and ripping off stubborn plant roots. This aspect also reduces the strength used in digging. The steel material making up the shovel is lightweight hence efficient for lifting and moving heavy material. The blade has foot placement spots that provide safety when stamping the shovel into the soil without risking cutting the shoe soles or injury to the foot. It is a multipurpose tool that makes it fit for gardening, camping, construction, beach, and off-road uses. The sharp-edged blade is perfect for ripping off stubborn roots, stamps, and digging planting trenches for gardening. The five-year guarantee for this shovel gives long term performance assurance and security.

5. Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel w/Pick

The rhino shovel has a guaranteed 5-star experience. It has a rugged military mold that gives it a sturdy performance ability perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. This tool can be folded to a compact size that makes it highly portable for outdoor adventures. This tool is rust-resistant, made from powder-coated carbon steel, making it ideal for off-road, gardening, beach, sand, snow, gravel, dirt, and mud digging. 

It has sharp, rugged saw teeth that enable less resistance when digging into the soil and also act as a root hatchet and saw. Many tasks can be completed using this single tool. It comes with a carry pouch/bag making it easy and convenient during storage and transport. Built-in foot placement spots make this tool safe when enforcing digging using the foot, thus avoiding damage to the shoes and injuries to the foot. The sharp, rugged saw tooth side is ideal for cutting wood, shrubs, and branches. The shovel head can be adjusted to 90 degrees and used as a pickaxe and a hoe. The Rhino USA shovel is tougher compared to others. It is a perfect multipurpose pick.

6. Cold Steel Spetsnaz Tactical Camp Shovel

Compared to other special forces models, cold steel shovel is more durable and well-constructed. It has a high-quality carbon steel metal blade with sharp edges. It has an added advantage of having a long hardwood handle and a larger head. The shovel is well built to handle different tasks such as bushcraft, digging holes, and chopping thick limbs. The shovel head is slightly thicker than the sheath hence an excellent alternative to a tomahawk for recreational throwing. It has a weight of 36.3ounces and a length of 30 inches.

It is designed with a slide mechanism and a foot placement spot. This ensures easy to push into the soil and guarantees safety when stepping on the foot placement spots. Pack it at the back of your car, and it will be of great assistance when stuck in the mud. Camping, gardening, last resort defense weapon, recreation, and chopping branches, this shovel is simply what you need!

7. Fiskars 96685935J LNG Hndl Digging Shovel

In need of a tool ideal for digging in tough soils? Fiskars shovel with a fine blade is designed to dig in tough soils. The blade is made from 14-gauge hardened steel that digs through tough and hard soil. The 18-gauge steel shaft ensures excellent grip and less effort needed when working. The sheath’s teardrop-shaped and long size provide easy handling control comfort to the muscles by reducing the amount of effort and energy needed to bend hence minimal backaches and fatigue.

This shovel can perform various and diverse tasks compared to other shovels. The sharpened blade edges make this tool ideal for breaking through compacted soil aggregates and profiles. For gardening purposes, this tool makes digging more efficient by moving easily through the soil. The extra-large foot placement platforms enable the application of more force when stamping the shovel through hard and tough soil surfaces while at the same time reducing the risk of foot injuries and shoe damages. This tool is easy to use and ideal for gardening and crafting purposes. The hardened steel blade makes the tool far more durable and guaranteed to last on a full lifetime warranty than fiberglass-made blades.

8. REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel

This shovel is made of premium material, carbon-coated steel, which enhances its sturdiness and toughness, making it a perfect fit for hard-core digging applications while also increasing the tool’s durability and lifetime. The carbon-coating also makes it rust-resistant hence under wet or dub conditions or applications, it can be used without fear of damage. Its wide molded steel handle withholding folds enables a firm and steady grip and holding, avoiding unwanted wobbling during use.

The shovel’s sharp edges on its head blade, coupled with its sharp tip, promote ease of digging, especially in hardened soils by reducing the amount of force needed to shove. Its wide head also enhances the scooping of huge volumes of soil, snow, gravel, among other materials. The foot placement platforms on the head provide a boost when using extra foot power to stamp and dig through hard surfaces without risking injury to the foot or damage to the shoes. This shovel comes with an easily foldable structure making it convenient during carriage and storage as in its folded state. It occupies minimal space. Additionally, the steel material is light enough, making the tool easy to move around with.

9. Radius Garden 22311 Root Slayer Nomad, Root Slayer Nomad, Red

This shovel has a serrated trowel with an inverted v-shaped cutting tip that enables it easily cut through soil surfaces and plant roots and stamps with ease and speed. The sharp serrated teeth give it a multipurpose use in that it can be used to cut tree branches and wood cuttings. This tool is slightly smaller in size than the size of an original root slayer, making it ideal for use in congested spaces such is rooftop planting beds, nursery beds, and small campgrounds. The head blade is made of powder-coated carbon steel, making it even harder and tougher and durable over long use periods.

The shaft, on the other hand, is made from resin-encased carbon steel to boost its strength. The handle is molded with non-latex grips, which make it firm to hold and use. This shovel is a perfect weed remover and best for removing weeds such as spotted knapweed, ash seedlings, dandelions, amaranth, and baby’s breath. Its long shaft length makes it ideal for use as it minimizes the need for bending and squatting, thus reducing the risks associated with the same, including fatigue and back pains. In addition to the long structured blade, it also has foot placement platforms that enable the reinforcement of power using the feet during digging action. Being a light tool, carrying it around, is no big task.

10. AMES 2672100 Aluminum Scoop with Hardwood Handle and D-Grip, 45-Inch

AMES aluminum shovel is best used for heavy-duty tasks. The shovel is suitable for carrying and excavating materials from one place to another. The handle has a large D grip that enhances easy handling and ensures better control during use. The hardwood handle is not only appealing but also soft to touch, offering ergonomic comfort and control during use. The shovel is ideal for gardening, especially in congested spaces and varying soil conditions.

With its great characteristics, one has less to worry about, especially due to its reasonable pricing. The 45-inch D handle offers two-handed control and will not flex like fiberglass. The sharp blade cuts deep into the soil with extra foot placement platforms that increase the force needed to loosen compacted soils. The aluminum blade material makes it rust-resistant hence comfortably applicable for use in wet or dumb conditions. The blade is also thick enough, boosting the strength of the shovel.


Every shovel serves differently depending on the need or purpose. From all the top-rated products listed above, the best tool depends on the task to be accomplished. This guide provides an insight into the best shovels in the market customized for individual purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question. What makes a shovel ergonomic?

Answer. An ergonomic tool puts the arms and shoulders in a neutral position, reducing the strain and effort needed to perform a task.

Question. What material is used to make a shovel?

Answer. Depending on the type of shovel, materials used can range from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and copper.

Question. What is an over-molded handle?

Answer. Over mould is a term defining different materials moulded or embedded on top of or around another material. An over-moulded handle gives a firm and comfortable grip during use.

Question. What does one consider when choosing a shovel?

Answer. Various considerations apply, including the purpose of use, the material used to make the shovel, the shovel’s weight, blade size and shape, and length of the shaft.

Question. Why is the size and shape of the blade important?

Answer. The size and shape selection depends highly on the weight and stability of the material being shoveled. For example, using a small-sized blade means reducing the material’s volume or weight being shoveled or scooped. Use triangular or rounded- shaped blades shovel with long shaft lengths for digging into compacted surfaces.