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10 Best Garden Carts (Review and Guide)

10 Best Garden Carts (Review and Guide)

Do you want to take your green thumb game to a higher level? Garden carts are indispensable tools to have on your small farm or garden. The wheeled cart is used to haul dirt, granules, branches, manure, and farm products. They have more wheels compared to a wheelbarrow. This characteristic makes them stable. The list below of carts is reasonably and well-reviewed to help you choose the best tool for the garden.

As far as hauling goes, choosing the best cart depends on your needs. All garden carts are best structured and suited for outdoor purposes. All the picks have large wheels for stability.  Consideration of how rough the gardening terrain is will inform the choice of the garden cart to acquire. These carts have large wheels for easy manoeuvring in outdoor spaces. However, some have pneumatic tires that give better shock absorption on rough and bumpy surfaces.

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Benefits of Garden Carts

Inexpensive variety of options; Garden carts come in different sizes and models, giving a wide avenue to choose from depending on their budget and Gardening needs. They are also reasonably cheap.

They come in different bucket styles; This dictates the aesthetic appearance of the garden cart. Depending on the use intended for, the shape of the bucket gives the option of choice.

They are highly stable; This is enhanced by their four large wheels and, in other cases pneumatic wheels that further provide shock absorbing. Regardless of the weight on the cart, they ensure stability during movement, even in tough terrains. Their low ground clearance build also lowers the center of gravity(COG), which improves stability.

They can be disassembled for storage; Garden carts have a small footprint, and when not in use, the handles can fold up and fit in tiny spaces. In other cases, the cart bucket is foldable and separated from the frame, making it easy to store.

The 10 Best Garden Carts In The Market

Best Garden Carts Reviews

1. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

The gorilla cart is heavy-duty but lightweight with a load capacity of 600 pounds, which is quite much. The cart features a four-wheel design that increases its stability. The pneumatic tires are perfect for all terrains. It is best suited for all weather conditions and terrains, whether hauling gravel, dirt, or plants.

The new frame design is easy to assemble. It is also designed to manoeuvre even the harsh garden surfaces. It is rigid thus can be pushed around the garden effortlessly and with a tight turning radius.

With a quick-release dumping system, it makes it easy to load and unload materials. This aspect boosts the ease of use and operation. The cart’s poly bed is easy to clean and maintain. The cart also has a padded grip handle that makes holding and pushing comfortable and less straining to the hands. The poly bed dimensions are 36 by 20 inches, with a height of 19.5 inches. Cart weight is 32 pounds making it light, giving room for more load weight, ideal for commercial and home use. The gorilla carts GOR4PS Poly Garden cart comes with a 1-year warranty guaranteeing durable and quality performance.

2. Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

This cart has a load capacity of 1200 pounds giving it a much bigger carrying capacity; hence more material can be loaded in one go. Thanks to the padded 2-in-1 heavy-duty handle, the cart can either be pulled by hand or towed, easing the heavy loads’ carriage.

Coupled with the patented quick-release dump technology, loading and unloading materials is fast and easy. Its new frame design reduces assembly time while offering ease of maneuvering and ground clearance. The four-wheel design ensures ease of movement without crumbling. Its pneumatic tires are best suited to handle the considerable weights on rough terrains and bumpy surfaces.

Gorilla carts meet the needs for home and commercial use. They come in varying dimensions and load capacities best suited for different gardening needs. They haul all kinds of materials without rusting or breaking down, thanks to the thick black coat paint and string metallic structure. Be sure to purchase this sturdy cart that comes with a one-year warranty.

3. Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart

This newly-designed Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM steel garden cart has removable sides with ease of assembly and ideal for farming, transporting gravel, plants, and other gardening materials, as well as various do-it-yourself outdoor jobs. The disassembling of the steel mesh sides can transform the cart into a flatbed, making it ideal for carrying large objects like logs, branches, stone blocks, timber posts, and substantial planting pots.

The sturdy wagon design with a tight turn-around radius ensures movement of up to 400 pounds of weight. The 10-inch pneumatic tires add to the strength in tackling rough and bumpy terrains. Moreover, the general steel mesh ensures the safety of the materials carried without fear of falling off. It has padded handles that increase the grip and ease of handling and pushing.

Whether the cart is needed for home or commercial use, its durability supersedes all other characteristics. This steel cart is exceptionally lovable and the best pick for gardening and other heavy-duty, multipurpose outdoor activities. It comes with a one-year warranty giving an assurance of quality performance.

4. Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

This two-wheeled yard rover is designed to take on everyday gardening challenges. The rover is made of a 5 cubic foot polypropylene plastic tray. This hard plastic feature gives strength to carry and hold heavy materials. It also does not risk rusting, therefore suitable for use in wet and damp environments. Its two 14.5-inch wheels are air-filled, creating fair load distribution and stability, making it easy to lift, balance, and push the rover around.

For residential gardening, the yard rover is ideal with its easy storage design. It is designed to stand upright or hang on a wall without compromising on storage space. It has a lightweight (25 pounds), with a load capacity of 300 pounds. This ensures easy and effortless transportation of materials. With 25% less weight than the average wheelbarrow, it offers steady handling.

This rover is the most popular two-wheel in the market with an Ergonomic design that makes yard work easier. With minimal lifting effort, it is easy to balance and maneuver about. It makes a perfect gift item and is easy to assemble.

5. Suncast 2-Wheel Resin Multi-Purpose Cart with Handle

This two-wheel lightweight rolling cart is one of the best picks for gardening work. It has a capacity of 15.5 gallons making it the best transportation tool. It is easy to roll and operate on all terrains and around the garden during wet and hot seasons. This cart is well built with hard plastic enabling it to handle heavier loads.

The large wheels and telescopic handle give it the best performance in the garden or yard. It can be easily lifted thanks to its loop handle, making it compatible among different users and suits all body types. It is sturdy yet flexible, made from heavy-duty resin plastic built to last long and perform challenging jobs. 

Unlike other carts, this two-wheel rolling cart is flexible to use in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It can transport groceries, dirt, loads from the car, laundry, and many other materials within the house or yard. It is easy to assemble and requires no tools or expertise. It comes with a three-year warranty and is UV safe; hence no need to worry about deformation and damage resulting from exposure to too much sunlight.

6. Sandusky Lee CW3418 Muscle Carts Steel Utility Garden Wagon

This sturdy steel wagon is exceptionally versatile and durable. It has an all-round mesh side that is removable and foldable up and down, allowing the loading and unloading into the cart quickly. With a 400-pound load capacity, it can handle heavy loads comfortably. Its smooth-rolling 5 inch by 13-inch pneumatic wheels makes transporting easy.

 Its steel mesh also allows debris and water to fall through, and the powder coating finish guarantees rust resistance and lasting durability. The D-style handle ensures a firm grip when pulling or pushing the wagon, and also easy to clip if needing to be towed. With a 34-inch length, long materials such as timber posts or metal bars can easily be transported.

This wagon requires minimal assembly efforts and is suitable for material handling operations in gardens, warehouses, construction sites, and stores. It can be used for securely storing, organizing, and transporting equipment supplies and materials. This makes it an ideal unit for use in manufacturing, industrial, maintenance applications, and home use. Thanks to the pneumatic rubber wheels and sturdy steel structure, shock absorption and abrasion resistance make it a perfect fit for heavy-duty applications. 

7. Gorilla Carts GOR800-COM Steel Utility Cart with Removable Sides

This variety of the Gorilla class of Carts is designed to help get the challenging and demanding jobs done with less effort input. It comes with a 38-inch by 21-inch steel mesh bed and 10-inch pneumatic tires, boosting its toughness in operating in rough terrains. The new frame design enables quick and easy assembly and offering improved rigidity, ground clearance, and movement. The wheels absorb shock and enhance handling.

The removable steel mesh sides increase added versatility when carrying larger loads. With a load capacity of 800 pounds, it gives room for handling heavy carrying applications such as manufacturing, industrial, and warehousing functions. Its padded pull handle ensures a firm grip during operation and, in the event of towing need, clip the handle and tow the cart with confidence. 

The powder coating finish prevents rusting; hence can be comfortably used in wet environments. On the other hand, the mesh structure enables water and unwanted debris to pass through and fall off, therefore ensuring transportation of what is required. With a one-year warranty, this Gorilla Cart guarantees good quality performance and satisfaction.

8. AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart

AMES garden cart is uniquely and aesthetically designed not only as a cart but also as a garden seat, thanks to its strong lid. It indeed offers that relaxing gardening break. It has a 2 cubic foot capacity hence ideal for carrying quite a volume of gardening essentials. Its 7-inch diameter wheels and solid steel axles enable easy and smooth transportation. Its handle flips up with ease making it simple to pull or push the cart.

Its multiuse design is ideal for both outdoor and indoor purposes. It is used to move tools, supplies, laundry, and serve as a perfect storage cabin for various household items. Its 1-pound weight makes it light enough to accommodate some weight without straining the cart or the person pulling it. It is easily lockable for storage and carriage purposes hence providing safety of the materials or items. It requires little assembly efforts hence no need for expert involvement. It can either be carried or pulled thanks to its cubicle design-build. Its hardiness makes it very durable and long-lasting and as well can serve as a perfect gift item.

9. Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

This multipurpose garden cart holds up to 5 cubic feet of material, including soil, gravel, compost, bricks, stones, and others, so it can be conveniently used to carry out gardening, landscaping, and even home rehabilitation and face lifting projects.

It is equipped with a powder-coated steel material that is rust-resistant hence increasing durability. The steel frame supports all loads of weight up to 330 pounds. Its 26-pound individual weight gives room to handle more weight. Built with inflatable 13-inch rubber wheels, its sturdiness is enforced, making it easier and smooth-rolling when steering the cart through various terrains. 

It has a versatile handlebar that is thick and padded, which doubles as a stand for idle use and enables comfortable and easy movement of the wheelbarrow. Its durable steel composition makes it ideal for handling heavy-duty yard work, thanks to the rust-proof frame that can resist corrosion buildup over a long time. 

Assembly of this wheelbarrow cart is straightforward and only needs 8 bolts to put it together. It is storage-friendly and can compromise on space deficits without risking wear-and-tear. The loop handle makes it possible to hang the cart with ease.

10. Pure Garden 82-VY021 Garden Cart Rolling Scooter with Seat and Tool Tray

This pure garden rolling scooter delivers value for money through its consistent quality and performance. It is an ideal tool for gardening lovers as it aids in reducing back and knee aches during planting and weeding activities. This rolling cart can additionally be used for indoor tasks such as painting, repair, high shelf storing, or even cleaning.

The rolling scooter features sturdy 3-inch plastic wheels that are suitable for moving through most level terrains. The scooter’s lightness makes it easy to carry around when in congested spaces like shrubs or store space. Also, the plastic construction make of the scooter wheels gives them an advantage over rubber or air-filled wheels, which could burst under excess weight pressure or get punctured. Its stainless steel frame increases its durability and its rust-resistant nature, making it ideal for use even in rainy conditions. 

It also has a specially designed tool tray under the seat, which provides convenient room for small gardening or other utility tools like gloves, planting seeds, painting brushes, producing shears, and small spades within reach.

With an individual weight of 7.28 pounds, the scooter is light to roll around and carry about. Regardless of its small weight, it can support up to 200 pounds, therefore ideal for use by both kids and adults sitting or standing on. It also comes in a variety of colors, giving a variety of aesthetic options to choose from. This scooter is precisely what you need for implementing the next gardening or indoor house project.


Adopting modern gardening methods of technology will make gardening and errands easy and smooth to run. These 10 best garden carts are selected to help narrow down choices.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question - What is the height of the cart without side panels?

Answer – This depends on the type of cart, for example, the Gorilla cart is about 14 inches high.

Question - Can garden carts be recycled?

Answer – Yes, most carts are made from steel. When well maintained, they may be repurposed for different tasks  

Question - What is the standard carrying capacity of carts?

Answer – Well, capacity depends on the size of a given cart. Standard load capacities range from 200 pounds up to 1400 pounds.

Question - What is the advantage of using a garden cart?

Answer – Garden carts offer convenience and flexibility of hauling loads.

Question - Are Garden Carts durable?

Answer – Garden carts are made from stainless steel and powder-coated materials, making them rust-resistant and long-lasting.