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9 Best T5 Grow Lights Review And Guide

9 Best T5 Grow Lights Review And Guide

T5 Grow lights are fluorescent lights that bring the sunshine indoors radiating over the growing surface. Depending on the stage and type of plant, these lights are used to grow indoor plants. Examples of indoor plants grown are vegetables, orchids, fruits, Horticultural crops, among others. The lights are efficient compared to other grow light systems.

Table of Contents

Benefits of T5 Grow lights.

  1. Cost-effective: When considering the profitability of a growing venture, efficient lighting systems that is least expensive reduces the cost needed to run the venture. They are best for beginners and huge farming ventures, giving you a solid level of reliability. This level of efficiency and reliability potentially means fewer lights are needed. They tend to reduce energy costs over time, especially if a high-powered venture is in the run. 
  2. Energy-efficient and durable – They illuminate powerful light and consume less. Higher light output reduces the number of luminaries per object, saving on money. At the end of their lifespan, T5 grow lights are strong and illuminate brightly.
  3. T5 lights do not burn very hot: Therefore, if growing plants in a hot environment, there is a low risk of the plants wilting from absorbing excess heat. Hence no need for having extra cooling systems and environmental control accessories like thermostats and moisture ducts. Due to this unique characteristic, the T5 grow lights can be installed as low and close to the plants as possible, allowing lower plant layers to receive more light, boosting growth. There is no worry about plant leaf damage and consequently, reduced harvest quantities.

Do you need a light that does not burn out?

The majority of T5 grow lights guarantee over 20,000 hours of lighting, meaning there is no need to replace bulbs. This, therefore, gives an assurance of a good amount of successful harvest before the bulbs start to burn out. The lights come with built-in timers making it easy to balance the rest and active plant growth time.

The 10 Best T5 Grow Lights In The Market

9 Best T5 Grow Lights Review

1. Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light.

This light does not come with a LED reflector. Led reflectors are not heat resistant and hence pose the dangers of melting and blowing up in the event of short-circuiting at high temperatures. This, in turn, leads to the burning of the plants and overall equipment loss in terms of value. As much as the led reflectors enhance the system’s overall beauty, this light embraces safety above beauty, thus guaranteeing quality performance and durability.

In comparison to MH/HPS lamps, this light has a more comprehensive light spectrum ensuring the generation of less heat, thus saving more energy and the cost of electricity. It has a more effective planting coverage area than other T5 Grow lights. It comes with two wavelengths, UV and IR. IR penetrates plants deeper, leading to more blossomed leaves and bigger buds. UV wavelengths make the plants produce more trichomes meaning more potent buds. It also has double cooling fans, which greatly regulate light heating, increasing its lifespan. 

Phlizon 600W promotes plant growth by using two lighting cycles. Blue lights are suitable for the plant’s vegging cycle, while the red light best suits the flowering cycle. This maximizes the potential of the plants. For this purpose, the light has a veg and bloom switch (the double switch function). The bloom switch illuminates the red and white led, which is suitable for flowering and blooming in Garden. On the other hand, the veg switch illuminates the blue and white led, which promotes seedling and young vegetative growth stages. The lighting cycles give the grower ability to find out which lighting condition works best for the plant.

With a choice of three options (600W, 900W, 1200W), Phlizon is a perfect option for large and small scale farming ventures. It is also energy efficient and comes with a solid 2-year warranty and 30 days’ money-back guarantee in performance failure. This is a good indicator that the light is 100% reliable.

2. Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT48 T5 Fluorescent, 4 Foot, 8 Tube Grow Light System

Hydrofarm T5 Grow Lights system is available in seven sizes from two to twelve tubes. The tubes provide lumens rated up to 18,800. It comes with a ten-foot grounded power cord and 6400K. It also offers three hanging ways during installation that is overhead, vertical, and horizontal. The material used in making the system frame profile is powder-coated steel. This gives it strength and sturdiness, even in harsh environments. The powder coating also makes it rust-resistant hence usable even in highly humid environments. 

The system produces large amounts of light that sufficiently helps plants grow and manufacture food effectively. Unlike other systems, Agrobrite T5 Grow Lights produces less heat, ensuring no additional cost and effort for installing ventilators. The 4 feet long bulbs ensure a wide coverage area of lighting, therefore guaranteeing fewer systems for a wine-growing area, consequently saving on cost. 

Agrobrite T5 lighting systems are daisy-chainable enabling ease of connection and expansion. Two fixtures are efficiently run from a single outlet. This lighting system showcases many characteristics that make it a suitable and perfect candidate for the best T5 lights in the market.

3. Durolux T5 Ho Grow Light - 4 Foot 4 Lamps - DL844

Durolux system contains four separate 6500K four feet lamps. The lamps provide an excellent spectral balance. Also included are hanging hooks, chains, and 8 feet power cord. The power cord enables the connection of up to five systems off one wall outlet, ensuring less congestion and convenience.

The inclusion of chains and hooks ensures the unit hangs in either vertical or horizontal. It is narrow compared to other systems making it a versatile choice for smaller patios. Separate units are chained together, covering a wide growing area.

With a high light output of up to 20,000 lumens, the lamp imitates sunlight providing good light that meets plant needs. With good lighting, the plants can grow and manufacture food effectively and abundantly, increasing yield. Its aluminum housing reflects 30% more light output compared to other systems. The reflector provides direct light that is essential for younger plants.

Durolux is considered a cool unit that does not produce too much heat. Excessive heat shrivels plants leading to poor yields and death in extreme cases. When plants are subjected to excessive heat, they use the energy to absorb moisture from the environment to cool them off. This system is safely rated for operation dark, cold, damp, and other environmental conditions increasing yield.

In the tube’s event getting loose during operation, this system has an AAG Stucchi lamp holder certified to prevent the occurrence of a fire. Additionally, UL/CUL safety is approved, coupled with a 5-year warranty guaranteeing long term performance.

4. DuroLux T5 Grow Light - 2 FT 4 Lamps - DL824 HO

This system comes with a high light output of 10,000 lumens offering professional lighting with a 95% reflectivity German Hammer-tone reflector. This offers up to 30% more light intensity ideal for optimum plant growth.

It comes with two switches, one for inner 2 bulbs, and another for the outer 2 bulbs. With these features, the bulbs can be dimmed in pairs making it a flexible pick. It also includes four 2ft 6500k lamps, hanging hooks, chains, and a power cord with T5 Grow Lights. Compared to other systems, it is cost-saving, making it an excellent budget choice. With the option of powering up to twelve fixtures from a single wall outlet, it ensures less clustering and more operational convenience.

With an indoor garden, the most important feature to control in heat. This system produces little or minimal heat, ensuring temperatures in the patio are optimal. The lights require no cooling mechanism and can be installed as close to the plants as possible without risking burning the plants or negatively affecting growth.

This system is also UL/CUL safety approved by the manufacturer. It is designed to function properly in wet and damp environments and is also water-resistant. It has a made-in-Italy AAG Stucchi lamp holder certified to prevent fire in case the tubes loosen during operation. Its 5-year warranty guarantees quality performance over a long time.

5. Hydroplanet T5 4ft 8lamp Fluorescent Ho

Hydroplanet T5 Grow Lights system comprises of 8 fluorescent lamps 4feet long, ideal for a large planting zone. With an individual bulb lumen capacity of 6500K, the grow bulbs ensure adequate lighting provision to the plants enabling optimal growth. Its highly reflective aluminum reflectors provide even more illumination. For a smaller space that is occasionally limited in dimensions, this setup is fairly versatile and meets all the needs.

Operating on 110V/120V, 4 amperes, 15ft power cord, this system enables plug and play optics, saving installation time and hassle. It comes with a switch control giving a choice of which bulb to turn on. All bulbs turned on to provide a larger range of the light spectrum. The reflective housing ensures all the light is directed towards the plants reducing waste of energy.

Multiple units of Hydroplanet T5 Grow Lights can be daisy-chained to illuminate more light when needed. This enhances wide area coverage of lighting that is well directed to the plants. The system consumes minimal power and works best in all weather conditions. The plants are accessible to the grower all year round without waiting for a good planting season. To meet a growers’ needs, its light footprint is entirely adjustable. Its 2-year warranty gives the security of performance.

6. [6-Pack] LED Grow Light Strips

This split-up system in T5 Grow Lights comprises six 10W LED light strips, which are 2 feet long, ideal for greenhouse, plant grow shelf, terrace planting, and indoor spaces. Set up and installation is fairly simple with the supplied screws, strong adhesive pads or cable ties that come as accessories.

Its extendable design makes it easy to connect up to six light strips in a single row using seamless connectors or connector cords hence ideal for plants grown in single long stretches. With three power cords included, the lights can be installed from different power outlets depending on the position.

The LED light strips have in-built high brightness chips, which give high PAR value. This is perfect for the growth of vegetables, flowers, succulents, and Verbena plants. Each light strip also has an independent power control switch enabling ease of lighting regulation depending on the plant’s requirement. Its aluminum material enhances the light’s reflectivity, thereby boosting illumination and making it high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant, avoiding the risk of deformation.

This system is super versatile in the number of configurations and combinations that can be set up. It can easily be customized to suit the installation area, whether in stacking shelves, flat spaces, or other formats. Consuming only 10 watts each, these strips aid in conserving energy while producing well balanced and focused lighting.

7. Monios-L LED Grow Light

Monios –L LED grow lights are used for all plant growth stages due to their full spectrum features. For indoor plants, a light that imitates the sunshine is essentially what is needed. This lighting system is ideal for seedling, germination, vegetative, flowering, and plants’ fruiting stages. 

The system has different color temperatures that are mixed to produce lighting conditions beneficial to the plants. The full spectrum gives the grower ability to respond better to the varying needs of the plant.

It offers the best lighting intensity with 30 watts of T5 Grow Lights ultra-bright lamps. Its aluminum housing provides full reflection to the plants; hence no light energy is lost. The housing also offers high-efficiency heat dissipation and increases efficiency by 17-20%. It is lightweight and consumes less power hence saving up to 45% of electricity. This system boasts of its ease of installation and setup. It has a direct plug, and play mechanism hence requires minimal hassle and effort. 

It also has a dual switch independent control function that enables easy control of each tube’s work state to provide the plants with the required illumination. The tubes can be linked in series using the connecting cords or the connectors from the package with its two connection options. Its aluminum reflectors are removable hence giving room to play around with different indoor planting scenarios. It comes with a 12 months’ warranty and 100% money back.

8. Monios-L T5 LED Grow Light

This light provides a full spectrum between 380-800nm. It is one of the best systems for gardening, supporting all plant growth stages. The 60W ultra-bright LED provides high photosynthetic photon flux density helping the plants grow faster and increase yields. Monios grow lights are designed to ensure plants are accessible to you all year round.

The aluminium housing reflects boosting light efficiency by 17-20% with T5 Grow Lights. This ensures no loss in light energy, plants receive the light needed at all stages. The lighting also has a 2900K colour temperature that protects the eyes while taking care of the plants. This enables comfortable indoor use as well as greenhouse and hydroponics. Its dual switch functionality further gives an option for individual illumination control and regulation. It also provides for double connection function using either connecting cables or connecting cords depending on length needs.

Once the lighting system is acquired, installation is simple thanks to the plug and play mechanism that does not need any wiring or reconstruction. The lighting can be hanged by the ceiling and suspended using its 39-inch rope hanger. Additionally, it increases both heat and light efficiency. The aluminum shell provides efficient heat dissipation increasing the lifespan of the LED chips. The lighting operates with no noise emission.

9. iPower GLT5XX2 24W 2 Feet T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System with Stand Rack

Looking for a premium quality grow light? I Power unit is well endowed with a reflector that ensures the plant absorbs most light. The T5 Grow Lights high output fluorescent fixture provides maximum coverage, ensuring all the plants receive light, even those at the patios’ far edge. This artificial lighting ensures the plants are fresh all year.

Another fantastic thing about the light is the ability to support plants at all stages. It helps the seedling, flowers, houseplants, and veggies grow to their full potential by minimizing sunlight. With a 6500K output, the plants have more than enough energy for optimal growth and multiple yields throughout the year. It also consumes less power compared to others and hence saves on operational costs.

An additional feature for the unit is its feather touch height adjustment mechanism. By increasing or lowering the rack, height is adjustable to the level of choice. This ensures that plants are provided with enough light energy for their foliage stages. The light is harmless to the eyes, making it perfect for indoor uses.

As if not enough, the fixture is UL listed for high quality. The smaller bulbs lead to less wastage hence a small environmental footprint. Not only do they help in conserving the environment but also save on time. The frame is metallic and sturdy, increasing the lighting lifespan. Head start your grow venture with I power T5 grow light.


In conclusion, T5 grow lights are the most efficient and perfect for growing plants indoors as they support all stages of growth. They are also pocket friendly compared to other types. T5 lights are the best option for a start-up project.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

Question: Are T5 grow lights long-lasting?

Answer: Yes! They have a minimum operational period of 20,000 hours.

Question: How much light do T5 grow lights emit?

Answer: With an average output of 7,000 lumens, the lights can reach 100 lumens per watt.

Question: How many T5 grow light fixtures will I need?

Answer:  Well, this depends on the growing room area. It is advisable to get systems that match the area of use.

Question: Are T5 grow lights energy efficient?

Answer: Yes! They have the most energy-saving light bulbs that consume minimal energy and emit very little heat.

Question: How far should I place the lights from my tomatoes?

Answer: The optimum temperatures of tomatoes range between 20-25 degrees Celsius from T5 Grow Lights. Keep the lights close enough during vegetative state and about 8 inches further during the rest of the growing stages.