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Six Best Plants for Railing Planters

Six Best Plants for Railing Planters

Balconies are great outdoor spaces for relaxing. You can place your coach on the patio and read a book or have coffee. Being such precious space, you need to add some decorations with railing planter for increased aesthetic experience. You cannot have an empty balcony or rails and enjoy your living place to the fullest; bring in some decorations. Managing plants in your patio can turn the area into a tranquil and natural living space. Yet, some balconies are small, and space is not enough to have plants. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have plants in your patio; railing planters are the best option to save your space while having colorful flowers and green plants. Not every plant is appropriate to use in railing planters, and there are plants and flower options to plant in your rail planters.

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1. Petunias

The petunias are suitable flowers for all seasons as they can withstand harsh summer conditions. They usually bloom vibrantly during the summers, which is a contrast to many flowers. The annual flowers come with various colorful flowers in white, purple, red, and pink. And sometimes you can find striped or speckled varieties. In case you want your planters to be bushy, consider white petunias, and Surfinia petunias are usually recommended as they will spill over the edges of your planting boxes. Petunias is a practical flowering variety that will bring naturality in your balcony rails. You can purchase four petunias plants for 30 dollars.

2. Creeping Jenny

Creepers are one of the commonly used railing planters’ plants. It is also referred to as moneywort. The Creeping Jenny is a thriving ground cover that is very practical with rail planters. The creeper comes in shades of green and gold and provides a natural finishing in your balcony rails. Densely packed with round leaves, the creeping jenny will fill your planters over the edges. The most intriguing thing with this variety is the hanging trailing branches that will form a beautiful background for your rails. The trailing plant or vine is available on amazon at 12 dollars for 4.5 inches piece.

3. Verbena

For those who have their balconies and rails are directly exposed to the sun, verbena is here for you. The sun-adoring verbena offers a cascading effect to the railing planters and your patio. Different vera varieties come with varied colors; the ‘Violet Ice’ species has bright purple flowers, while ‘Candy cane’ boasts red and white colors. Verbena is available for purchase on Burpee for 6.5 dollars each plant.

4. Coleus

The densely packed coleus comes in abundance with colorful foliage. The coleus may be available in both sun and colorful types. The bushy aspect of coleus makes the plant more suitable for railing planters on the balcony. Specific varieties of coleus such as ‘Chocolate Cherry’ and ‘Kong Red’ are conspicuous, making them the best varieties of coleus for rail planters. The plant is simple to manage and can fit in different types of growers. You can buy coleus on Etsy at 15 dollars for one 1-gallon plant. With the colorful foliage of coleus, you will brighten your rails and make them more appealing for your outdoor/balcony stay.

5. Fuchsia

If you seriously want to keep your balcony rails colorful, you cannot miss considering Fuchsia. Although Fuchsia is usually used in hanging planters, the colorful flowers make it appropriate and can be a great invitation to your railing planters. Most species of Fuchsia come in bright shades, and if you want to enjoy it throughout the year, avoid putting the railing plant boxes in the sun. The flowers are usually purple and pink, which will add structure and aesthetics to your window or balcony. The beautiful plant is available on Etsy for about 16 dollars each.

6. Impatiens

Every person would want to have beautiful balconies at home, and impatiens can easily do that for you. The impatiens provide pleasant color to your window rails when appropriately placed in a planter box. The most common variety, especially in the United States, is easy to maintain. The impatiens are also known to effectively grow in containers as long as they get water and essential nutrients. Impatiens come in a more comprehensive array of colors such as red, purple, pink, yellow, and orange, which are very showy and highlight your balcony space. If you want to use impatiens in your planters, you can purchase them at 6.5 dollars for thirty seeds and 30 dollars for Burpee’s twelve plants.

In conclusion, your rails at home offer ample space for making the environment more attractive and natural. By using railing planters and the appropriate plants or flowers, you can make your window or balcony rails attractive for your outdoor space. The options above are unlimited, but it can help you put up railing planters with the right plants.