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7 Best Greenhouse Kits

7 Best Greenhouse Kits

Many people have an interest in gardening and growing plants, especially vegetables around their home. However, home gardeners usually have inadequate space at their yard to set up extensive gardens or luxurious greenhouse. According to various studies, there are about 10 million acres of greenhouses worldwide. Greenhouse are generally designed to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, and transplants under adjustable conditions; the plants cared for in greenhouses cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions. Conservatories are usually used to extend growing season vulnerable crops like flowers and vegetables beyond their growing season by creating suitable growth conditions.

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Greenhouses are also useful in providing the right conditions for the setting of seeds. The greenhouse conditions are controlled depending on the type of plant(s) being cared for inside the structure. Meanwhile, greenhouses come in different shapes and sizes, small sheds used indoors or at the backyard, and the larger designs for large scale farming.

The small greenhouse kits have become popular among many residents, especially when there is no space for gardening or setting up a large greenhouse structure. Many gardeners prefer using greenhouse kits since they take full control of growing seasons and keep plants healthy beyond the standard growing period. Having a greenhouse kit is a lofty dream for many people, especially those who want aesthetic and natural green in their minimal space; they are significant assets to have around your home.  The greenhouse kits are made of special plastic or glass materials that trap heat and humidity; thus, providing favourable conditions for growing plants inside.

The 10 Best Greenhouse Kits In The Market

We have gathered a list of 10 best greenhouse kits available in the market which are easy to use, affordable and long lasting. Have a look on the list and find a one that is favourable to you.

Best Greenhouse Kits Review

There are many types of greenhouse kits available in the market. Every style is designed to house certain kinds of plants or fit in certain places in your yard or inside your house. Seeing your plants growing and blossoming is satisfying, but it depends on the type of greenhouse kit you purchase. Below are greenhouse kits to consider, with each type offering different features:

1. Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

This type of greenhouse was manufactured by Gardman, a UK-based company that provides gardening products. The Mini Greenhouse is easy to set up since no additional specific equipment must support the structure. It has a considerable lightweight, which renders it portable and can easily be moved inside the house or outside depending on the atmospheric conditions. The kit has a minimalistic design, measuring 27″, 18″, and 63″ in length, width, and height. The package comes with a sturdy powder-coated frame made of tubular steel metal with push-to-connect fittings, making it easy to assemble the greenhouse kit. The covering material is made of polyethylene with a zip-up door for accessibility. The Gardman Mini Greenhouse consists of 4-tiers inside and is an ideal kit for flowers, seedlings, and plants.

The greenhouse consists of robust design and convenient attributes on its structure. The polyethylene covering material is removable; thus, you can easily disassemble the entire system and store it if you are not using it. Inside the kit, there are four shelves of 18-inch depth for plant pots and seedling trays. The shelve-designs are suitable for most small plants, and sometimes comparative bigger plants. The guy ropes and metal stakes reinforce the greenhouse and provide stability against wind. Weather conditions are sometimes harsh, and sturdiness by the strings or stakes enhances the kit’s sturdiness, enhancing its overall durability.

The cover is waterproof; thus, it is ideal for both the rainy season and winter usage. It is also bug-resistant, hence protecting the plants against all types of insects. Because the greenhouse has a minimalistic design and lightweight, it is suitable for small yards or homesteads with no enough space. The greenhouse kit can be on strategic places like balcony, patio, or on a deck where it can easily be accessed. It is an excellent structure for any gardener who wishes to have a healthy garden all year round. The Gardman Mini Greenhouse is available on Amazon for 48.74 dollars; you can obtain yours to spruce up your plants and flowers.

2. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse

The walk-in greenhouse kit was manufactured by Home-Complete (HC) company and has become essential gardeners’ equipment. The greenhouse kit is made of steel frame and PVC cover. The steel frame makes the structure stronger and ensures it lasts longer; therefore, you should not worry about purchasing another kit in the near future. The product comes in appropriate size, measuring 56.3″ (length), 56.3″ (width), and 76.7″ (height), and has a green color but the PVC cover is clear.

This greenhouse package consists of a reinforcing rope, anchoring stakes, and zip ties. It has 8 strong shelves that provide adequate space for plants pots, trays, or planters with all kind of plants you want to grow. The design can be placed on almost every place within your home including patio, porch, or in the basement. The PVC cover is ideal for protecting plants against adverse conditions, and bugs; thus, creating ideal condition for plants’ growth. The product is effective and efficient for gardeners who want to grow many plants in minimal space

The greenhouse is appropriate for both indoor and backyard usage; it has higher versatility. The product is easy to set up; you do not require additional tools to assemble the greenhouse. It comes with clear guidelines, and you only need to read and follow the instructions and fix the steel rods to make the frame. The ropes and anchors are used to provide extra balance and stability against wind.

If you want to extend growing and have your plants flourishing throughout the year, then the Walk-In Greenhouse is an ideal option for you. You can use the greenhouse kit to grow seedlings, vegetables, flowers, plants, or herbs. Gardeners who want to have their gardens thrive all-year-round can purchase the product on Amazon for 63.17 dollars, and you can return the greenhouse kit and get a refund within 30 days of receipting.

3. Homewell Walk-in Greenhouse 3 Tiers 6 Shelves

This greenhouse kit comes with dimensions of 56″, 29″, and 77″ in length, depth, and height. Its design is suitable for home gardening, both for plants and flowers. Also, the system allows gardeners to store their gardening equipment and supplies in the greenhouse. The entrance measures 30″ W by 64″ H, which is enough to enable easy entering even if the gardener carries some tools.

The Homewell Walk-In Greenhouse comes with three tiers and six sturdy wire-shelves for supporting seedlings, young plants, and flowers. Each shelf can hold about 75 lbs, and the walk-in design is essential as it provides enough space for growing larger plants and ventilation. The frame of this greenhouse is strong, constructed using reinforced steel, which is powder-coated. A heavy-duty, clear polyethylene cover is ideal for trapping heat and provide viable growing conditions for plants. The polyethylene plastic cover is strong enough; thus, it is reliable and cannot fade or crack if exposed in the sun for longer. Hence, the greenhouse is made of strong and durable materials.

The roll-up zipper door also prevents insects from entering the greenhouse. The product is easy to assemble or break down; there are no tools required for building. Therefore, you can disassemble the structure and store it whenever you want. Its minimalistic design and lightweight make the greenhouse more portable and moved to any place within the backyard.

The greenhouse provides ideal growing conditions and protects the plants against unpredictable, harsh atmospheric conditions. The greenhouse is an excellent piece for gardeners who wish to enjoy fresh and healthy garden produce like vegetables and flowers throughout the year. The 3-tier six shelves offer adequate gardeners’ space to include a decent number of plants and seeds varieties. Because of the regular changing of weather conditions from season to another, you can acquire this greenhouse kit from Amazon and enjoy gardening benefits by growing vegetables and flowers all year round.


4. Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse-4-Tier

This product is the favorite small greenhouse by Home-Complete available stores. The greenhouse has an approximated space of 2052 square inches where gardeners can place their plants, making it the most spacious little greenhouse, among many others. The Mini Greenhouse is comparatively tall, measuring about 63″ or +5ft high, 27.1″ length, and 19.3″ wide. The HC Mini Greenhouse is convenient to work with since it comes with wheels; thus, you can drag it from one point to another with ease. This mini-greenhouse is well-crafted with minimalistic design, and gardeners usually prefer to place it in small areas within the yard or inside the house.

Interestingly, the Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse has four tiers where you can grow flowers, vegetables, and seedlings. However, the fourth shelf has more space due to the triangular top of the greenhouse. Therefore, it is advisable to place the larger plants at the top shelf if the other frames are already occupied. The more considerable amount of space and the wheels’ availability makes the mini kit the highly rated and the best among other small indoor or outdoor greenhouses.

The PVC cover protects the plants from adverse conditions. However, it is advisable to take the greenhouse indoors during the winter or place it outside without the hot summer’s PVC cover. There are no extra tools required for assembling the 4-tier greenhouse. The lightweight, small size, and wheels of the Mini Greenhouse make it more portable and mobile. Also, it is easy-to-use.

Moreover, the Mini Greenhouse is made of sturdy tubular steel metal. The reinforced PVC cover makes the product more durable; it will take many years to purchase another greenhouse kits package. You can also attach and use warm sun lamps with ease in this greenhouse kit if required. The clear PVC cover is also waterproof, and it traps heat and humidity to give adequate warmth to the plants over the winter. A weighted flap acts as the door, and you can roll it up if you need access or ventilate the greenhouse. The minimalistic designed greenhouse is available on Amazon for 36.81 dollars, exclusive of the delivery fee.

5. Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse, Small Plant Greenhouses, 4 Tier Rack Stands

Although this small greenhouse cannot produce adequate food for the entire family, it is a great tool to have at your home if you love gardening. Yet, if you an ornamental plant lover, then the Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse is the best choice, especially if you are a beginner. The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse has a simplistic and novel design that is easy to use; thus, it is ideal for beginners. Its minimalistic outline and lightweight make it more portable around the backyard or inside your house; it measures 1.5 by 2.25 by 5.25 feet. It is relatively tall enough, with a height of 63 inches, and comes with four tiers, which are very spacious for placing plants. The upper shelf is comparatively large, thanks to the triangular top of the greenhouse. Thus, the top tier is ideal for placing large pots or plants.

The material used to make its frame is strong and durable; heavy-duty tubular steel metal ensures the greenhouse stays for many years of usage. The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse can be set up in your yard or on a problem-free patio. The strong tubular steel metal also gives the extra greenhouse stability and balance against wind and other moderate physical impacts.

With the Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse kit, you can have your plants thriving all season because of the top-notch materials used to design it. The robust frame also supports wire racks, which can carry a considerable weight of 10.6 kilograms. The polyethylene is ideal for protecting the plants from harsh atmospheric conditions while trapping enough heat to provide a necessary growing environment. The green cover also has a zippered roll-up door, which helps to ventilate the greenhouse. Also, you do not require additional assembling tools to set up the Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse.

Moreover, for your pants to flourish throughout the year, a watering hose is essential to water your plants efficiently. If you want a new Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse for starting seedling and flowers, you can get this excellent tool for 47.99 dollars on amazon.

6. Ohuhu Greenhouse for Outdoors, Small Walk-in 3 Tiers 6 Shelves

For those gardeners who love having green structures besides their plants at the backyard, the Ohuhu Greenhouse for Outdoor is the best option. The kit comes with a walk-in design measuring 4.7 ft by 2.4 ft by 6.4 ft, which is enough for many people. The condition inside is ideal, and you can work inside for hours without feeling any irritation because there is enough ventilation. The zippered roll-up entrance and windows on the sides provide sufficient air circulation and regulate the greenhouse temperature. Also, the windows are ideal for observation without unzippering the door. The sturdy 3-tier six shelves offer enough space for placing blooming flowers, vegetables, and starting seedlings.

The Ohuhu Greenhouse for Outdoor is designed with heavy-duty and rust-resistant tubular steel, making the entire structure more durable. The package comes with ropes and pegs to reinforce the greenhouse to make it more stable against wind. Due to its robust frame and shelves made of steel, each shelf can hold a weight capacity of 8.2 kilograms, consisting of growth light, pots, and seed trays. The greenhouse kit is easy to assemble, and you can detach all parts for storage when not in use. The assembling does not require additional tools.

You can give your lawns or the backyard a touch of green with this highly portable greenhouse. It is available on amazon.

7. Worth Garden-Mini Greenhouse-5 Tier

The Worth Garden Mini Greenhouse is another perfect product for home gardeners who love placing colorful plant pots for enhancing aesthetic sense within their home. This greenhouse kit is durable since it was constructed using strong steel metal and PVC cover. The rust-resistant frame is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. The clear PVC cover also offers maximum protection to the plants and provides optimum conditions for efficient growth. It is easy to assemble the structure since you don’t need extra tools. The PVC cover can easily be folded and stored if not in use.

The Mini Greenhouse has five shelves or tiers, which is enough to place varieties of plants. The PVC plastic cover is useful; therefore, it is appropriate for plants that thrive in any season.

Interestingly, you can obtain this piece on amazon, and Worth Garden company provides a customer-friendly 3-year warranty on all gardening tools.

In conclusion, gardening is exciting, especially when you see your plants thriving and productive. However, some plants, vegetables, and flowers are vulnerable and cannot withstand the harsh atmospheric conditions. Therefore, it is essential to have a greenhouse kit around your home for your plants to thrive beyond regular growing seasons. The list above is some of the best greenhouse kits in the market. Greenhouse gardening is a better way of ensuring sustainable food for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is a greenhouse usable both indoor and outdoor?

Answer: Most greenhouses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. However, the package usually comes with instructions, and ensure you follow them to them later. Some greenhouses get damaged by direct sunlight if left outside for longer.

Question: What is the weight limit of plants one should put in the greenhouse?

Answer: Many greenhouses have a weight limit indicated on the instructions. If you get a greenhouse without a weight limit, it is advisable to consult. However, greenhouse shelves mostly hold weight ranging from 6-25 pounds, depending on the make of the frame and rack.

Question: Do I have to provide a heat source for the greenhouse?

Answer: It depends on the type of cover coming with the greenhouse. Some shelters have a natural heating system to trap heat inside. However, according to the guidelines, you will know if to provide absolute heaters or growth lights.

Question: How should I set up my greenhouse?

Answer: Greenhouse kits usually come with all necessary tools needed for set up, including guidelines. Mostly, assembling a greenhouse is easy, provided you read and follow the instructions.

Question: What are the limitations of having a small greenhouse?

Answer: Small greenhouses also come in different designs. Some are structured to allow the gardener to enter inside and work on the plants. However, other greenhouses do not have space for gardeners to enter; therefore, you have to work outside because small greenhouses are only meant to hold plants. Also, production is only small-scale with small greenhouses.