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Glass Gem Corn | Gardeners Tool

Glass Gem Corn | Gardeners Tool

Glass Gem Corn

The Amazing Glass gem corn are a beautiful creation of nature. As we all know what corn is. We all are aware of regular cob or corn. Many of us used it in several dishes we prepare. But! But! Glass gem corn is quite assorted from the regular cob or corn we use in our day to day life. Glass gem corn as its name it seems like the same. It is a mixture of colourful gems which we can call ears. The different and unique colours like pearls embedded in a cob look more beautiful. And one can not differentiate whether it is real or fake. It is like a jewel for us. The One viral photo is the reason behind its popularity, which has been viral in the year 2012. It is nothing but a perfect example of plant breeding. Which make us curious to know more and more about Glass Gem Corn. We can say it is a combination of nature and human which we can see as glass gem corn. One thing that must be noted and always kept in mind that we can not play with nature but we can synchronise with nature. It is quite interesting to grow the new variety in your garden and enjoy its beauty. We all are facing an environmental issue in our life, so by planting some plants and making gardening an important part of our lives, we can contribute a little in such a phase.

When we can grow Glass Gem Corn.

The best season for it is the Summer season. The Sun is the basic source for this plant it needs proper sunlight to grow and get developed. One thing we can do to make our Glass Gem Corn grow effectively. We can sow the seeds inside the little pots and when we get baby plants growing out from the pots we can easily give them an outside exposure and plant those little baby plants outside in our garden or in our fields. this process helps us a lot in growing Glass Gem Corn. And more important thing give a required amount of water to the plants. Organic fertilizers can play a vital role and help in the healthy growth process of these plants. You can simply buy these online and add gems to your garden by planting Glass Gem Corn.

When we can see the beautiful colours of the corn.

If you are a corn lover then it becomes necessary to grow Glass Gem Corn in your gardens and fields. The beautiful colours of Glass Gem Corn can be seen once the kernel gets harder and we can easily remove the husk from the cob and the beautiful Glass Gem Corn are in our hands. It is one of the kinds of flint corn which means it is hard and can be used for different purpose like popcorn, decoration and for preparing other cornmeal.

Size and height of the Glass Gem Corn

The height of the plant can go approximately 7 to 8 feet. And when we have the grown-ups Glass Gem Corn or cobs the cobs balls are measured and the size of each ball will be approximately 4 to 7 inch depends upon natures will.

Glass gem corn is an eyeful variety of corn that can be utilised in many ways.

What we can do with Glass Gem Corn?

Beautiful Gift

Glass Gem Corn can be gifted to our loved ones. And indirectly we building a love for nature feeling in them by gifting a unique Glass Gem Corn. By seeing or having this special gift they are going to be enchanted. And can not hold them for the season of harvesting Glass Gem Corn. Surely it is going to be a good natural gift for those who we love.

Gem Cornmeal

What you have to do to make Glass Gem Corn just make a mixture of corn by blend it roughly in your blender place the mixture in a dried and airtight container for long use. Your easy and simple cornmeal of Glass Gem Corn is ready. Enjoy the tempty cornmeal.

Gem Popcorn

These varieties of Glass Gem Corn is mostly used in making popcorn. Just take a pot with a lid add two teaspoons of butter in it and handsful of Glass Gem Corn in it and cover it with a lid and check after one minute what you get? Colourful, beautiful popped up popcorn. Wow! what a feeling. You have colourful popcorn in your garden and can you believe that you grew them in your own garden.


It is true that we can use Glass Gem Corn as a decoration material. It is an elegant piece of art. We can not resist using it as an ornament and as a decoration purpose, it is surely going to add the charms in our homes. The beautiful rainbow colours give an immense pleasant feeling.