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8 Best Deck Boxes for Your Outdoor Space

8 Best Deck Boxes for Your Outdoor Space

Best Deck boxes

Homeowners, like you, can always use an extra storage to keep your things safe and
accessible. A spacious storage space, both inside and outside your home, is always
handy when you need a quick stash of few items. You might have a garage space or even
a tool shed in your garden, but have you ever think of an aesthetic storage space that will
blend well with your patio? That’s where deck boxes shine, deck boxes allows you to
stash few items conveniently anywhere you want.

Safely store your tools, gardening supplies, cushions, picnic essential and toys in a box
that’s perfectly compatible with your outdoor designs with deck boxes. You can choose
in a variety of deck boxes that complement your need. Deck boxes comes with different
sizes and shapes to give you freedom in choosing items you can store in them. Some are
made to look like wood to fit the aesthetic need of your patio. Whatever you need, you
can never go wrong with deck boxes.

Most deck boxes are made of a resin material that looks like a wood material to make a
natural feel and atmosphere on your patio that compliment your outdoor décor. Because
they are neither made of wood or metal, deck boxes are weather resistant and won’t rust
over time. You can place it on your deck, porch and patio without worrying about anything.

Here are the best deck boxes available on the market.

Table of Contents

10 Best Deck Boxes In the Market

8 Best Deck Boxes and reviews

1. Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box-Organization

If you want a spacious and durable storage with aesthetic exterior, this Keter Westwood deck box is perfect for you! The Westwood resin deck box is a 150 gallon capacity outdoor container for your patio furniture, outdoor cushion, garden tools and pool accessories.

You’ll definitely love this deck box. It is made of super durable and weather resistant resin material that makes it easy to maintain and keep your things safe and dry. The stylish natural wood design enhances the beauty of your outdoor décor for a more subtle nature effect that even your guess will love. This is so durable and safe, you can even sit on it and have it as a comfortable bench on your garden. It can support up to two average adults. Thanks to its well-built storage design, you can perfectly fit almost anything you want in this deck box.

The Keter Westwood features a bright wooden designs that has a large chest-style lid with two pistons that can be easily open and locked. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the assembly of this deck box, all you need is a screwdriver and you can set it up just under 10 minutes.

This deck box is available in two designs: the rectangular bench style and a round table box. While both is equally aesthetic and spacious, you can fit more items on the rectangular design compared to the round table box. You can choose either of the two finish to suit your style: a brown wooden appeal or a dark greyish matte style.

2. Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Resin Deck Box-Organization and Storage for Patio Furniture Outdoor Cushions

This classic chest style deck box from Keter is everything you need from a subtle storage container. Borneo is a 110-gallon resin deck box that is spacious to fit anything inside with a unique rattan like texture for a more natural and elegant feel. It easily complements any exterior designs of your home. And because it is made of polypropylene materials, you don’t have to worry about any rust or weather damage over time.

You will love the first-rate craftsmanship and convenient features of this storage container. It comes with an automatic opening mechanism to an easy opening when your hands are full. Its spacious space allows you to accommodate a large variety of things such as your garden supplies, cushions and outdoor equipment for your exterior.

Although it is made up of plastic, it is durable enough for two average adults to sit on top of it. It also comes with colour variation: A brownish rattan wood design and slick greyish matte style. Both variations is great and rich in details that enhance the appearance of your patio, deck and another outdoor area. You can even use a padlock to secure your things inside.

With the contemporary design of the Borneo deck box, you’ll definitely enjoy the scenic view of your patio. It is one of the best outdoor storage out there and you’ll have a hard time finding anything that compares. It is simply one of the best storage solutions you can ever find.

3. Suncast 99 Gallon Resin Wicker Patio Outdoor Storage Container for Toys, Furniture Deck box, Mocha

This woodlike plastic storage container from Suncast is a highly useful solution for your storage problems inside your home or on the yard and patio. It is elegant and pleasing deck box which makes it a good choice for extra decoration. Additionally, it doesn’t look cheap and ideal for storing your cushions and other patio accessories.

Like other resin deck box, the Suncast 99 Wicker is made of strong resin material and weather resistant. It requires little maintenance on your part so you don’t have to worry about dent and damages from rain or heat exposure. The good thing about this bundle is it comes with veranda deck box cover for extra layer of protection when not in use. This special cover protects the deck box from dirt and dust to preserve the quality of your deck box. It is so though and reliable that it keeps your things safe and secure throughout the winter without any problem.

When choosing for a storage container, this deck box have everything you need on it: spacious space to stash your things up, though materials to act as a bench and beautiful contemporary design to fit your exterior design all combined in one perfect product.

The Suncast Wicker comes with three variety of finish: the cream mocha, java and white. You can even paint the white version on your own to suit your preference for your patio. Overall, this is one of the best addition you ever have in your home both inside and outside.

4. Keter City 30 Gallon Resin Deck Box for Patio Furniture, Pool Accessories, and Storage for Outdoor Toys, Brown

Perhaps you want something a little bit smaller deck box on your home? Keter’s City Deck Box is a great choice for you. It is made of durable resin material. This 30 gallon storage container is spacious enough to get the job done. It is resistant to fading, cheeping and dents. It withstands heavy rainfall, low temperature, and strong winds for years with no maintenance needed. Additionally, this deck box is so compact and quick to assemble.

This deck box has this appealing brownish woodlike texture finish that will blend well to most patio and exterior design. It’s small and compact enough to fit on any porch and could be a great stash for patio cushions, gardening supplies, pool equipment, barbeque set ups or anything you want to tuck away. Plus, it is durable and strong enough to work like a chair for one average adult.

Unlike real wood, the Keter City Deck Box is resistant to rust and weather damage. It requires almost zero maintenance and durable enough to withstand a total of 220 lbs of body weight. The inside of this deck box is designed to keep your things ventilated and dry. It is an overall versatile choice for your storage needs!

If you want more storage space, you can choose the 4 pack package on amazon to get this amazing deck box while saving tons of money.

5. Toomax Z175E097 Portofino Weather Resistant Heavy Duty 90 Gallon Novel Resin Outdoor Deck Box, Gray

The Toomax Z175E097 is both a versatile and attractive deck box that has plenty of space for a variety of items. It’s perfect for storing outdoor patio furniture cushions, pool accessories and beach towels. This deck box has a 90-gallon capacity and is made of heavy-duty resin material. It has a nice greyish rattan-like texture finish and unlike, real wood material, it is weather-resistant which prevents rusting, fading and denting.

For extra security and safety of your things inside, this deck box has a lockable lid and made to keep your items in perfect condition through its ventilation design. It keeps your stash dry and secure even if you left them out for a whole season. Plus, it comes with a seating option which allows you to sit on it and make it a comfortable bench seat with a weight capacity of up to 450 lbs.

This deck box is great for convenient outdoor storage and enables you to easily access outdoor essentials for your deck or patio. If you want an overall though storage container at a reasonable price, you can never go wrong with Z175E097 of Toomax.

This deck box can withstand the harshest rainstorms while still keeping your things dry and safe so you can stay relax and worry-free.

6. Keter Solana 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Furniture, Perfect to Store Garden Tools and Pool Toys, Grey

Can’t decide whether you want a bench or a storage container? Why not choose both! With Keter Solana Storage Bench, you definitely get the best of both worlds. This deck box is designed to look stylish as a wooden bench and spacious yet compact to be a handy storage container. This 70-gallon storage bench has a hidden storage underneath its seat for quick access to your stash.

Although it looks like a block of wood, it is actually made from weather-resistant polypropylene which made it immune to rusting, peeling and denting. It simply means you won’t have to spend tons of money maintaining this storage bench ever. This bench can actually provide a comfortable sitting space for up to 3 people with a total weight capacity of 551 lbs.

It is perfect for storing your outdoor supplies and compliment well on most exterior décor you have on your deck or patio. The Keter Solona has two variety of finish you could choose from: A brownish wood finish for a more natural look or a slick grey matte color for a more modern take of patio designs. Either of the two variants will fit your needs and aesthetic to elevate the mood of your outdoor décor.

7. Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box for Patio Garden Furniture, Outdoor Cushion Storage, Pool Accessories, and Toys, Grey

The Keter Brightwood has a robust design and convenient qualities you’d want for a storage container. It has a very large storage capacity of 120 gallons which makes it ideal for large cushions, outdoor toys and garden essentials. Since this deck box is made of durable resin, it is resistant to rust, dents and peeling unlike wood materials.

It perfectly complements in any type of exterior design due to its natural texture and finishes. This deck box has a hydraulic piston for easy lift and a soft closing mechanism, this literally lowers the effort you need to file things up on this storage box which is super handy when you are busy or doing a lot of heavy work.

The elegant wood-panelled appearance of this deck box will magnify the beauty of your outdoor décor. It has two available variants to choose from: A greyish matte finish for a more rock blending in your garden and a brownish espresso colour for a more natural feel on your outdoor. This deck box makes your outdoor space tidy and organized for some of the best experience made from parties, afternoon grill and other outdoor family gatherings.

8. Keter Java XXL 230 Gallon Resin Rattan Look Large Outdoor Storage Deck Box for Patio Furniture Cushions, Pool Toys, and Garden Tools, Espresso Brown

If you need tons of space for your things, this Keter Java will do the job. This huge deck box has a whopping 230-gallon capacity that allows you to store anything you want inside for a quick and accessible stash. This is perfect for storing patio cushions, pool toys, garden supplies, beach towels and other outdoor decoration

The Keter has an extra-large built combined with its elegant espresso brown design with a wood-like finish. It easily fits most architectural designs and adds a natural vibe to your outdoor experience. The generous storage space it provides will help you maintain your outdoor living space clutter-free and always ready for your family or guests.

It is also weather-resistant and made of strong resin materials which make it extra durable and guaranteed to stand the test of time. This deck box will not rust, peel or have any dent on it, you will save a lot of money having zero maintenance cost compared to other storage container on the market.


If you are looking for additional storage, deck boxes are a great addition to your deck, patio or any outdoor space you have. It is aesthetic and elegant to fit perfectly in your home exterior designs and decorations. A deck box generally has two purposes: a storage space to keep your things tidy and a comfortable bench for your family.

If you need a spacious place that will complement and magnify the beauty of your home, then the deck box is for you. You could get them on Amazon and get the best deals out of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How strong is deck box?

Answer – An average of two adults can sit on top of a deck box at the same time. Depending on the manufacturer, the average total load capacity of deck boxes ranges from 250 lbs to 400 lbs.

Question: What is the main advantage of resin deck box compared to wood products?

Answer – Resin deck box is made to withstand the harshest weather condition, it doesn’t rust, peel or dent even after years of using.

Question: How long will it takes to assemble?

Answer – Depending on the size of the deck box you will order, the average assembles time for each is between 10 to 20 minutes. You only need a screwdriver to assemble each deck box.