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10 Best Soil Test Kit for a Healthy Garden

10 Best Soil Test Kit for a Healthy Garden

Soil test kits

The soil that you use in your garden plays a vital role in your plants’ lives. Consider the nutrients within the soil as food for the survival and growth of your plants, and like any other living thing, plants are alive and need food to grow and stay healthy. 

All soils have their natural nutrients and fertility. It is like free food for your plants. Depending on both the quality and quantity of the native fertility of your soil, your plants may grow for years without needing additional fertilizer. However, these innate fertility and nutrients are not infinite and will soon deplete on their own as your plants consume them. Eventually, your plants will show their malnutrition and hunger by displaying stunted growth and off-color leaves. 

This is why well-timed and consistent soil testing is crucial when taking care of your garden. A soil test will let you monitor and determine the nutrient deficiencies within the soil that might affect your plants’ lives. Additionally, a soil test will let you know whether your plant is compatible with the soil that you are using. Some soil may harmful for a certain type of plant. 

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What is Soil Test Kit?

A soil test kit is a scientific data monitoring equipment designed to let you know the condition, detect soil status and overall health of your plants by examining a small portion of the soil in your garden.

A standard soil test kit allows you to examine the following things about your plants:

Amount of Sunlight

The amount of sunlight your plants or crops are receiving and determines how well they would be able to produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis.

pH Levels

Determining the pH levels of the soil you would be using is essential to ensure the optimal growth of your plants and yields of your crops. Plants with basic pH requirements will be more compatible with soil with basic pH level. This is also the case for plants that requires much acidic pH levels. Ensuring the compatibility of the soil and plants is the key to healthy gardening.

Moisture Levels

Knowing the soil’s moisture levels will enable you to take care of your plants and crops efficiently. It eliminates wasteful use of water and ensures that your plants will get a sufficient amount of water without the risk of drowning them.
Here are the best soil test kits we recommend for you:

The below Soil Test Kits depict the best in the market.

1. Sonkir Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester Gardening Tool Kits

Being a green thumb doesn’t only mean a green garden. Sometimes it is better to upgrade your skills and knowledge to a professional level. That’s why the Sonkir MS02 soil test kit is designed for garden lovers like you. It is designed to be an all-purpose soil test kit perfect for home gardeners who want the best for their plants and crops.

The Sonkir MS02 allows you to accurately measure the plants’ soil moisture, pH value, and sunlight level. With the double-needle detection technology, you are guaranteed to have a strong and high-speed detection and analysis of the soil in your garden.

It is so easy to use. There’s no battery required. All you have to do is to stick the sensor needles into the soil bed for about 2-4 inches and toggle the switch button to start measuring the ph level, moisture, and even the amount of sunlight. With its lightweight design, it is easy for you to carry it around for indoor and outdoor usage, making it ideal for home plants, gardens, lawn, and small farms.

Having this powerful tool allows you a convenient way to expertly take care of your garden without having to go to laboratories and wait days for the results. This is truly remarkable innovation in the horticulture industry. Now, everyone can be in charge and become the true green thumb they always wanted.

2. Trazon Soil pH Meter 3-in-1 Soil Tester Moisture, Light, pH, Meter Tool for Garden

As you all know, not all plants are created the same. Some need more light, some dependent on pH levels, and some require specific moisture within the soil. Regardless of your plants’ specific need, it is always important to know what you do and what you want to accomplish. 

With the Trazon 3-in-1 Soil Tester you can measure anything you need to have a thriving and rich garden. Say goodbye to uncertain gardening and wishing a good harvest. With this soil tester you are always sure and confident that your garden will rewards your consistent efforts.

This soil tester is equipped with advanced double-needle technology that enables you to determine and sustain the right amount of care for your plant’s needs. You can always make the necessary adjustments using this device for your flowers to blossom and your plants to thrive.

It is so easy to use. There’s no skills required in using this power meter. It solves a myriad of gardening questions in one application. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor usage. Overall, this device is one of the most cost-effective choices in the market right now. 

3. Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Test Kit for Soil pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash, 1 Pack

If you are looking to measure all the essential nutrients your plant’s needs, then Luster Leaf 1601 Test Kit is for you. This strip-based soil test kit measures vital nutrients within the soil such as pH levels, nitrogen phosphorous, and potassium which are vital for plant growth and overall development.

Conveniently, it contains 40 soil test strips and has detailed instructions to follow. Everything is color-coded, including the color comparator films and capsules, so you won’t be lost the testing process. It is also efficient compared to going out and having your soil tested in laboratories, which would take almost a week to get the result.

This test kit is a comprehensive yet simple solution to your gardening worries. Using the results will allow any green thumb out there to adjust and fertilize appropriately to any plant they have, ensuring the best possible result you could imagine. 

4. Garden Tutor Soil pH Test Strips Kit 100 tests

If you prefer a traditional way of testing your soil pH level, then this Soil pH Test Kit from Garden Tutor does the job. This product pride itself on being the most accurate method of testing the soil pH level and economical for most garden lovers.

It is an optimized solution to determine the acidity of your soil and make a careful adjustment to your plants and crops. The Garden Tutor soil test kit has over 100 strips for you to test all year long and includes a 16-page full-color pH testing handbook with lime and sulfur application so you accurately test and be confident in making the adjustments.

Maintaining a proper soil pH prevents “nutrient lockout” and ensures a healthy environment for your plant and crops to grow. If you are a gardener hoping to make a difference in your garden, testing would be the first step towards finding your solution. This soil test strip is a handy and straightforward quick workaround for all the trouble of seeking expert help.

This product is highly recommended because gardeners make it for gardeners. It is a simple, effective, and practical tool that solves your gardening questions so you can focus on actually doing the things you’d love about gardening.

5. SURENSHY Moisture Meter, Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Test Kit, Moisture Meter for Potted Plants for Testing

You may not be a professional gardener, but it doesn’t matter to your plants as long as you give them top-quality care. And a happy plant means a healthy plant, meaning you have to provide them with the best solution by providing them what they need. 

This moisture meter from Surenshy has all the functionality you need for a soil test kit. It can measure pH levels, plant moisture levels, and the amount of sunlight your crops are receiving. Additionally, this device is easy to use and has compact designs that allow you to use it both indoors and outdoors. 

It has a slick oval design pointed in one end that allows you to clearly monitor the measurements. In addition, its greenish leafy color will enable it to blend with the vegetation of your garden, which does not impact the aesthetic beauty of the natural environment you are trying to achieve with your garden.

You don’t have to wait a long time to get back the result of your soil samples from the labs. The technology is now on the palm of your hands and you can now actually made a difference in your garden journey on your own. 

6. MySoil - Soil Test Kit | Grow The Best Lawn & Garden | Complete & Accurate Nutrient and pH Analysis

Have you heard of the phrase “Know before you grow”? Well, this is the tagline you could never forget by using this Soil Test Kit from MySoil. Of course, creating a thriving garden with lush green flowers and crops requires skills and knowledge to do so. But you could certainly do it on your own without having a degree in horticulture by having the right tools to aid you.

This soil test kit allows you to measure the vital status of the soil to make the necessary adjustment to your plants’ environment. Whether you measure for pH levels, amount of sunlight, or moisture concentration within the soil, MySoil is the tool for you. Additionally, unlike any other soil testing kits, the MySoil test kit allows you to measure 13 plants available nutrient variant such as nitrogen.

It is ideal for any growing scenario you could think of. You could use it on your grass lawns, vegetable gardening, flowers, compost trees, vines, ornamental landscapes, or even hydroponics. The possibilities are endless.

7. Soil Moisture Meter Plant Test - 3-in-1 Soil Test Kits Moisture/Light/pH Meter for Garden Farm Lawn Planting Hygrometer

If you want an economical test kit that simply produces the result you need to make an informed decision for your garden adventures, try this MoonMini soil test kit. This device offers you the ability to decide when you should be hydrating your plants, adjusting the pH, or changing light for your flowers and plants.

It is designed to be both for indoor and outdoor usage, ideally suited for small gardens, farms, and lawns. In addition, it is exceptionally light and portable, which does not require any need for you to replace the battery. 

Getting a quick soil profile has never been this easy. There’s no particular skill required, so you can focus on actually doing the things that you loved about gardening. If you’re a green thumb, you know that every hour is a pressure hour. Using this device, you’ll only need a maximum of 10 minutes to get the results that you wanted.

8. Alkey Soil Moisture Meter - 3 in 1 Soil Tester Kits with Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester, Gardening Tool Kit for Plants

Unleash your gardening flair with this soil moisture meter from Alkey. It has all the functions of a typical 3-in-1 soil tester that green thumbs like you will surely love. With the double-probing technology, you can accurately measure all the soil parameters in just a few minutes.

The green-colored design of this device allows it to blend naturally with the exterior designs of your garden for a natural aesthetic feel and nature-friendly atmosphere. It is a solid and heavy-duty product that would accompany you on your garden journey for the years to come.

With this device, you can give only the best for your flowers and plants. No more guessing! It’s a whole new level of understanding of the horticultural game. It’s a powerful tool for gardeners who want to step up their hobby and want to see their plant beds thrive and have a healthy life under the sun.

9. Whitetail Institute Laboratory Soil Test Kit, Ensures The Most Successful Deer Food Plot Possible

Testing your soil is the most critical step for ensuring fertilizing success. It provide the most productive and nutritious food plot possible for your plants. Additionally, accurately measuring the properties of your soil allows you to make an informed decision to save your money on buying excessive fertilizers and products.

This soil testing kit is one of the most affordable right now in the market. Although it requires you to mail the soil samples to their laboratories, it still yields lots of information about your soil that a typical home testing kit would not be able to produce.

This is vital if you want to test your soil for various toxic chemicals or hazardous compounds that may be lingering within the soil due to years of exposure to household materials and compounds. This is an essential choice for serious farmers out there. 

10. FOMOOUR Soil Test Kit, 3-in-1 Moisture/Light/PH Soil Tester, Soil Moisture Meter for Plants Vegetables

The Famoour Soil Test Kit is one of the most budget-friendly kits compared to its market competition. It is good for both indoor and outdoor use. With its accurate moist meter, you can safely monitor your plants’ need for hydration, making it ideal for home gardening breeding and small-scale farming.

It is a fast and effective way of knowing your plants’ needs using scientific data without a degree in agriculture or a professional gardener. You can easily upgrade your gardening game using this simple device. You won’t even need batteries to get your journey going. The Fomoour soil test kit is self-sustaining and requires little maintenance. This will be your all-out companion in creating a beautiful garden for the years to come.


Like any other living things, your plants, flowers, and crops have needs of their own. They need sunlight, nutrients, and appropriate soil properties for them to thrive and grow. Looking after them requires a lot of effort for garden lovers like you. Still, they will definitely show their appreciation by blooming and exhibiting their lush natural nature around you.

That is why knowing exactly what they need and understanding your flowers or plants on a much deeper level is vital for their development and your garden success.

The soil test kits we listed above will level up your gardening experience. It will allow you to accurately measure your plants’ needs and provide them with the best possible care.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: How long does it take for the results to show?

Answer: Depending on the brand and manufacturer, a standard 3-in-1 soil test kit can accurately analyze samples between 3 to 10 minutes.

Question - What is the height of the cart without side panels?

Answer – This depends on the type of cart, for example, the Gorilla cart is about 14 inches high.

Question: How do you clean the probe?

Answer: Use a clean dry cloth and water to wipe off the dirt from the probe. Do not use vinegar or strong chemical like detergent to clean the probe.

Question: How can I test for hard soil?

Answer:    Do not use the soil tester on very hard soil. Use water to hydrate the soil first and allow the probe to penetrate the soil.

Question: Will the soil tester tell me how much light a spot in my garden receives?

Answer:   Soil tester allows you to monitor the amount of sunlight your plants are receiving at the exact moment only. You can test during a different times of the day to accurately measure the amount of sunlight on the particular spot in your garden.

Question: Does it need to be sunny for the tester to measure sunlight?

Answer:  The tester will always show exactly how much sunlight your plants are receiving. You can test even if it’s raining or cloudy.